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Brett Harrison Davinger

To contact me, e-mail brett.davinge[email protected]

Julia Rhodes

Julia Rhodes graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Communication and Culture. She's always been passionate about movies and media, and is particularly fond of horror and feminist film theory, but has a soft spot for teen romances and black comedies. She also loves animals and vegetarian cooking; who says horror geeks aren't compassionate and gentle? Google+

Dan Fields

Dan Fields is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Film. He has written for the California Literary Review since 2010. He is also co-founder and animator for Fields Point Pictures, and the frontman of Houston-based folk band Polecat Rodeo. Google+, Twitter

Ed Voves

Ed Voves is a freelance writer, based in Philadelphia, where he lives with his wife, the artist Anne Lloyd, and a swarm of cats who love curling up with good books. Mr. Voves graduated with a B.A. in History from LaSalle University in 1976 and a Masters in Information Science from Drexel University in 1989. After teaching for several years with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, he worked in the news research department for "The Philadelphia Inquirer" and the "Philadelphia Daily News," 1985 to 2003. It was with the "Daily News," that he began his freelance writing, doing book reviews and author interviews with such notable figures as Umberto Eco, Maurice Sendak, and Peter O'Toole. For the "Inquirer," he specialized in reviews of major historical works. Following his time with the newspapers, he worked as an independent researcher for [email protected], the online journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the staff of the Free Library of Philadelphia in 2005 and is currently the branch manager of the Kingsessing Branch in southwest Philadelphia. In 2006, he began writing for the "California Literary Review."    History of Yoga

George Anastasia, Glen Macnow

George Anastasia is a crime reporter for the "Philadelphia Inquirer" and author of several books, including "Blood and Honor" which Jimmy Breslin called "the best gangster book ever written." Glen Macnow was a writer for the "Philadelphia Inquirer" and "Detroit Free Press." He is currently a talk-radio host on 610-WIP in Philadelphia. George and Glen have co-authored "The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies."

Jem Bloomfield

Dr. Jem Bloomfield studied at the universities of Oxford and Exeter and is currently an Associate Lecturer in Drama at Oxford Brookes. His research covers the performance of Early Modern drama and the various ways it has been adapted and co-opted throughout the centuries. His own plays include "Bewick Gaudy", which won the Cameron Mackintosh Award for New Writing, and he is working on a version of Oliver Goldsmith's comedy "She Stoops To Conquer". His writing on arts, culture, and politics have appeared in "California Literary Review", "Strand Magazine" and "Liberal Conspiracy". He blogs at "Quite Irregular" and can be found on Twitter @jembloomfield

William Bibbiani

William Bibbiani is a highly opinionated film, TV and videogame critic living in Los Angeles, California. In addition to his work at the "California Literary Review" William also contributes articles and criticism to "Geekscape" and "Ranker" and has won multiple awards for co-hosting the weekly Geekscape podcast and for his series of Safe-For-Work satirical pornographic film critiques, "Geekscape After Dark." He also writes screenplays and, when coerced with sweet, sweet nothings, occasionally acts in such internet series as "Bus Pirates" and "Heads Up with Nar Williams." A graduate of the UCLA School of Film, Television and Digital Media, William sometimes regrets not pursuing a career in what he refers to as "lawyering" so that he could afford luxuries like food and shoes. William can be found on both the Xbox Live and Playstation Network as GuyGardner2814, and on Twitter as - surprisingly - WilliamBibbiani. Google+

Adam Robert Thomas

As one of the unfortunate few born with three first names, Adam endured years of taunting on the mean streets of Los Angeles in order to become the cynical malcontent he is today. A gamer since the age of four, he has attempted to remain diverse in his awareness of the arts, and remain active in current theater, film, literary and musical trends when not otherwise writing or acting himself. He now offers his knowledge in these areas up to the "California Literary Review," who still haven't decided what exactly they want to do with him yet. He prefers to be disagreed with in a traditional "Missile Command" high score contest, and can be challenged this way via his Xbox LIVE Gamertag of AtomGone, and if you want to "follow" him on twitter, look for Adam Robert Thomas @TheCromulentMan


Mike is the Editor of the California Literary Review. FaceBook I also run a couple more sites. Net Worth Yoga Flaxseed Oil Quotes and Memes List of Banks Wordpress Tricks Steel Buildings, Structures, and Bridges

Matthew Newlin

Matthew Newlin lives in St. Louis, Missouri and has been a film critic for over six years. He has written for numerous online media outlets, including "Playback:STL" and "The Weissman Report." He holds a Master's of Education in Higher Education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and is an Assistant Director of Financial Aid. A lifelong student of cinema, his passion for film was inherited from his father who never said "No, you can't watch that."

Elinor Teele

Elinor Teele is a freelance writer and photographer living in Massachusetts. In addition to reviews and essays, she writes short stories, novels and plays for children and adults. An adopted New Zealander, she holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Cambridge, England.

Toba Singer

Toba Singer, author of "First Position: a Century of Ballet Artists" (Praeger 2007), was Senior Program Director of the Art and Music Center of the San Francisco Public Library and its dance selector until her retirement in 2010. Raised in The Bronx, she graduated from New York City's School of Performing Arts with a major in Drama, the University of Massachusetts with a BA in History; and the University of Maryland with an MLS. Since high school, Singer has been actively engaged in a broad range of pro-labor, social, and political campaigns. She has lived, worked, organized and written in Baltimore, Boston, The Bronx, Cambridge, Charleston, West Virginia, Jersey City, Richmond, Virginia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., working in steel mills, chemical refineries, garment shops and as an airlines worker; also editing, teaching and as an office worker. Singer has contributed articles to the "Charleston Gazette," "San Francisco Chronicle," "Dance Magazine," "Dance Europe," "City Paper," "Provincetown Advocate," "Voice of Dance,", "InDance," and "Dance Source Houston." Singer returned to the studio to study ballet after a 25-year absence, and in 2001, was invited to become a founding member of the board of Robert Moses' KIN dance company. Singer studied ballet with Svetlana Afanasieva, Nina Anderson, Perry Brunson, Richard Gibson, Zory Karah, Celine Keller, Charles McGraw, Francoise Martinet, Augusta Moore, E. Virginia Williams, and Kahz Zmuda; and Modern Dance with Cora Cahan, Jane Dudley, Nancy Lang, Donald McKayle, Gertrude Shurr, and Zenaide Trigg. Her son James Gotesky dances with Houston Ballet. Singer lives in Oakland, California, with her husband Jim Gotesky.

Geri Jeter

Former dancer, Geri Jeter, has been editing and writing for over fifteen years, writing on dance, food, music, NASCAR, technical theater, and Italian-American culture. For the past five years, she was the dance critic for the Las Vegas Weekly; in 2007 Nevada Ballet Theatre presented her with the Above and Beyond award. Now living in San Francisco, Geri is excited about covering the entire scope of West Coast dance. You can read more of her dance writing at her blog Dance Blitz ( and follow her Las Vegas and San Francisco restaurant reviews at DishKebab (

John Holt

John Holt and his wife, photographer Ginny Holt, are currently finishing up a pair of related books - "Yellowstone Drift: Floating the Past in Real-Time" (to be published by AK Press in February 2009) and "Searching For Native Color - Fly Fishing for Cutthroat Trout." John's work has appeared in publications that include "Men's Journal," "Fly Fisherman," "Fly Rod and Reel," "The Angling Report," "American Angler," "The Denver Post," "Audubon," "Briarpatch," "," "Travel and Leisure," "Art of Angling Journal," "E - The Environmental Magazine," "Field and Stream," "Outside," "Rolling Stone," "Gray's Sporting Journal" and "American Cowboy." Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Peter Bridges

Peter Bridges is a former ambassador to Somalia and cofounder of the Elk Mountains Hikers Club in Colorado. He was born in New Orleans, grew up in Chicago, and studied at Dartmouth College and Columbia University. Aside from CLR, his articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in the "Christian Science Monitor," "Foreign Service Journal," "Los Angeles Times," "Michigan Quarterly Review," "Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London," "Virginia Quarterly Review," "Washington Times," and elsewhere. Beyonce Net Worth

Jascha Kessler

Jascha Kessler
Professor Emeritus of Modern English & American Literature, UCLA
Santa Monica, CA

David Loftus

Native Oregonian David Loftus has lived in Europe and Boston and traveled in Asia and West Africa. He has been a full-time newspaper reporter and has authored three books. Currently, Loftus writes occasional free-lance book reviews for THE OREGONIAN as well as the CALIFORNIA LITERARY REVIEW. He also blogs at After spending much of his adult life as a writer, copyeditor, and proofreader, with only occasional forays on the stage, he started working seriously as an actor in his late 40s, in 2005. For the past seven years, he has read literature aloud to live audiences every month at a coffee shop, an event he calls "Story Time for Grownups." By 2009, Loftus had become a full-time freelance writer and actor and was regularly doing print modeling jobs and acting in commercials, industrial videos, and indie films in 2010. In early 2012 he also launched a political talk radio show which he hosts on Sunday nights but which is also archived for later listening or download at any time on Loftus lives in Portland with his wife Carole and dog Pixie, a seven-pound toy fox terrier.  Wordpress Hacks

Robert C. Cheeks

Robert C. Cheeks is a writer living in Ohio. Beyonce Net Worth

Hanna Oldsman

Hanna studied dance at a small dance school in Massachusetts and at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. before heading to New York to attend Barnard College. While at Barnard she studied English literature and wrote dance reviews for two campus publications, the "Columbia Spectator" and the "Barnard Bulletin." She is currently working in publishing.

Nando Carniel Machado

London based photographer Nando Machado studied photography in Dublin, Ireland, and London and has been working as a photographer since 2006. Apart from covering social events, doing headshots for artists and look-books, Nando's artistic work has been featured in the French magazine "Photo" and his creative and editorial stock images are licensed internationally. Nando's work for "California Literary Review" focuses on creative fashion in the streets of London. Google+, Flickr, Twitter, website, Redbubble

Julia Braun Kessler

I hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and a Master of Arts from Columbia University. I have had an extensive career in writing, editing and journalism, served as Features Editor for SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE, Research Editor for ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA, Publications Director for the University of Michigan's INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, Arts Editor for LA WEST MAGAZINE, and subsequently free-lanced articles for magazines and papers throughout the nation. hangzhou bay bridge I have also taught Humanities at UCLA to technical and engineering students to broaden their approach to their technological world. I served as Editorial Consultant for social scientists and anthropologists at the University of Southern California's Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center, to produce their academic articles and books.

Michelle Lopes

I am a freelance author, illustrator, and animator. I've recently published a collection of horror stories entitled The Dog Next Door and Other Disturbances, which is available to download at Currently I teach fine art and animation in the Los Angeles area after having received my BA in Film and Television at UCLA. My primary passion is revealing and refining the storytelling dynamic inherent within all media.

Ryan Van Cleave

Ryan G. Van Cleave was the 2007-2008 Jenny McKean Moore Writer-in-Washington at George Washington University. He has taught creative writing and literature at Clemson University, Eckerd College, Florida State University, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as at prisons, community centers, and urban at-risk youth facilities. He lives in Sarasota, FL where he works as a freelance writer, editor, consultant, ghostwriter, and script doctor. He serves as Director of CandR Press, a non-profit literary organization based in Chattanooga, TN.

John R. Guthrie

John R. Guthrie is a former Marine infantry rifleman. He later studied medicine and became the commanding officer of a U.S. Navy Reserve Shock Surgical Group. He practiced family medicine in the Smoky Mountain foothills of Appalachia. His fiction, poetry, and nonfiction has been published widely. He is the editor and publisher of the monthly webzine "The Chickasaw Plum: Politics and the Arts Online." Tianjin Grand Bridge

Judith Harris

Judith Harris was born in Lakewood, Ohio, and began selling articles to the "Cleveland Press" of Cleveland, Ohio when she was sixteen. A graduate of Northwestern University she is today a regular contributor to "ARTnews" of New York and to "Current World Archaeology" of London. She lives in Rome, Italy, with her partner David Willey.

Hazel Robinson

Hazel left school on her 15th birthday and she's been writing about music ever since. She particularly likes awful noises, confessionally uncomfortable pop and clubs that can't handle her right now. She has written for "Stylus" (RIP), the BBC, "Popjustice," "The Singles Jukebox," "Thrash Hits" and many others. She is 25 and lives in an unfashionable area of London.

Kelly Hartog

Kelly Hartog is a writer based in Los Angeles. She was a journalist for "The Jerusalem Post" in Israel from 1993-2004. what is the net worth of rick Leventhal

Marla Wick

Marla Wick is an editor and writer living in Northern California. She recently received her Ph.D. in American Literature from the University at Buffalo and also holds a B.A. from Montana State University-Billings in English and an M.A. from Ohio University in literature and critical theory. She has worked as a literary and academic editor for both university-affiliated publications and individual writers. Her primary research interests include the Gothic novel, speculative fiction, horror, multi-ethnic American literature, Caribbean literature, and post-colonial feminist theory. In addition to the above, she is an avid gym-goer and a vegan natural foods enthusiast.

David Lida

David Lida is a writer living in Mexico City.  Pagina de Inicio

Laura Buttrick

I am currently studying for a BSc in Computer Games Production at Lincoln University, UK, before progressing onto a Masters in Computing. My key interests are serious games and game philosophy.

Jessica Donnellan

Jessica Donnellan is a New York based photographer currently studying at the School of Visual Arts. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jessica has been photographing since the age of twelve when she received her first camera. Her photography focuses around portraiture, as well as fashion. Jessica’s photographs have been displayed in exhibitions world wide and featured in magazines such as Italian Vogue and Photo District News. Google+, Website

Brett F. Woods

Brett F. Woods received his Ph.D. in Literature from the University of Essex, England. Celebrity Net Worth and Bio's

Katie Cappello

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Katie Cappello currently lives and works in a small farming town in Northern California. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Arizona State University, where she served as poetry editor for HAYDEN'S FERRY REVIEW. Her full-length collection of poetry, PERPETUAL CARE, won the 2007 Elixir Press Poetry Award. A second collection, A CLASSIC GAME OF MURDER, will be published by Dancing Girl Press in October. nicks face tik tok

Matt Smith

Matt Smith graduated from the University of South Carolina with degrees in Film Studies and History. He is particularly fond of horror and action genre films, and his past and upcoming research has dealt with propaganda films, national cinemas and animation. Matt reads mostly detective and crime fiction, and though he is well into his adult life, he also reads what some may consider an inordinate amount of comic books each and every week. He is currently in the very early stages of researching a book on animated propaganda films and patiently awaiting the return of Firefly (one can dream!) to television.

Marta Canga

Marta is a student and fashionista based in Belgium. Always carrying her camera with her, she tries to spot good street style outfits and also takes photos of herself for Flickr. Marta's work for California Literary Review focuses on fashion for young people.

Katherine Tomlinson

Katherine Tomlinson is a writer/editor living in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in magazines and newspapers across North America including LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE, SANTA MONICA EVENING OUTLOOK, ALOHA MAGAZINE, RICHMOND STYLE WEEKLY, DOWNTOWN HONOLULU, VALLEY MAGAZINE, SANDY HOOK PRESS and ORANGE COAST MAGAZINE. An Army brat, she lived in Europe for six years and has since traveled widely on four continents. She was Travel Editor for the online magazine THE LEAGUE, and writes travel articles for a variety of lifestyle publications and websites. The author of A STUDY GUIDE TO THE HEART OF DARKNESS, she has also contributed essays to two books, WHAT WAS I THINKING? and PEARLS OF WISDOM FROM GRANDMA. Her fiction has been published in the quarterly anthology ASTONISHING ADVENTURES and online at and She is a member of Sisters in Crime.

Bradley Kreit

Bradley Kreit is a graduate student in Anthropology at the University of California, San Diego.   List of Banks

Nandan Datta

Nandan Datta was born in India. He writes on literary themes. Beyonce Net Worth

Mary Lee Costa

Mary Lee Costa experienced a transatlantic upbringing, being raised in both the United States and England, and she has been working as a writer since before she could pretend to spell (either American or English spellings). At age six, her first professional writing job was as a child film reviewer for the “Brooklyn Parent.” While at the University of Oxford, where she gained an honors degree in history, her student newspaper theatre reviews placed second for the coveted Tynan Prize, as judged by theatre critics of the London broadsheets. Her historical writing has won The Duke of Marlborough’s Heritage Award, among other honors. Being dyslexic herself, she especially enjoys writing historical and cultural articles for children or writing about theatre and quality television because she recalls the important role such outlets played in her own education and development.

Mark Fitzgerald

Mark Fitzgerald teaches writing at the University of Maryland. He is the author of BY WAY OF DUST AND RAIN, a book of poems. His work has appeared in such periodicals as the CRAB CREEK REVIEW, SQUAW REVIEW, BELTWAY POETRY QUARTERLY, TEMENOS, and PARTING GIFTS.  how rich is drake

Uma Girish

Uma Girish is a writer living in India. History of Yoga

Julie Ellam

Julie Ellam received her Ph.D. in English Literature from Hull University. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including the "Times Literary Supplement." She also writes a blog about television - "tellyjelly." Julie currently resides in Hull, England.

Ben Caro

Ben Caro graduated from Boston University with a degree in Film and Television. After a few years as a video editor at America's Most Wanted, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing, acting, editing, and anything. He enjoys writing everything from screenplays to poetry, aiding in various filmmaking projects, and torturing his girlfriend with his eclectic taste in music. While she can put up with his penchant for indie and acoustic outfits of most kinds, it's when he starts in on afrobeat or Latin psych from the 70s that she politely tells him, "This is the weirdest music I have ever heard."

Katherine Hollander

Katherine Hollander reviews art for the "California Literary Review." Her poetry and literary criticism have been published in "Pleiades," "AGNI Online," "Open City" and elsewhere. She is currently a graduate student of European history at Boston University.

Randi Lawson

Randi Lawson is a Philadelphia based graphic designer and comedy enthusiast. Currently an art director at a housewares company, Randi creates funny tees, games, barware and other cool goods. Her products have been featured in movies, television and can be found in stores like Spencer's and Urban Outfitters. When she isn't designing, watching tv or listening to podcasts, Randi is on twitter cracking jokes about pop culture. Website.

Emma Miller

Emma Miller is a writer and radio producer currently based in Durham, NC. Clearly eager to obtain practical, marketable skills, she studied Cultural Anthropology and Documentary Studies at Duke University. In the past, she has written about pop culture and documentaries for, WNYC's 'Studio 360' and 'POV' on PBS.

Laura Carniel

Laura Carniel is a Public Relations major, about to finish her last semester at a local university. She has been studying photography for two years. She often covers social events but her preference is to photograph street fashion, animals and old buildings. She is also looking to develop an expertise in social media.

Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

Rochelle Jewel Shapiro's novel, MIRIAM THE MEDIUM (Simon and Schuster) was nominated for the Harold U. Ribelow Award and is currently selling in Holland, Belgium, and the U.K., and also in paperback now in the U.S. She's published essays in NYT ("Lives"), NEWSWEEK ("My Turn"), and in many anthologies. Her poem, SECOND STORY PORCH. was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She teaches writing at UCLA Extension and does a monthly column on Authorlink.

Lucy Butcher

Lucy Butcher is a writer and editor living in New York City.

Leslie Kitchen

Leslie Kitchen is a journalist and historian who lives in southern California. He is a graduate of the University of Washington where he studied under the distinguished David H. Pinkney. Mr. Kitchen believes that the study of history is our least fallible guide to human nature, as well as to the corollary question of what man can achieve and become. how rich is drake

James Hollis

James Hollis, Ph.D., was born in Springfield, Illinois. He graduated with an A.B. from Manchester College in 1962 and with a Ph.D. from Drew University in 1967. He taught the Humanities 26 years in various colleges and universities before retraining as a Jungian analyst at the Jung Institute of Zurich, Switzerland (1977-82). He is a licensed Jungian analyst in private practice in Houston, Texas, where he is also Executive Director of the Jung Educational Center of Houston. He lives with his wife Jill, an artist and therapist, and together they have four adult children. He is a retired Senior Training Analyst for the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, was the first Director of Training of the Philadelphia Jung Institute, and is vice-president of the Philemon Foundation, which is dedicated to the publication of the complete works of Jung.

Kristine Rabberman

Kristine Rabberman is the Director of Academic Affairs for the University of Pennsylvania's Division of Professional and Liberal Education, a job that provides her with ample opportunities to read books and work with faculty across many different subject areas in the arts and sciences. She holds a Ph.D. in medieval history from Penn, and teaches gender studies, history of sexuality, and academic writing and research design in addition to her full-time work for the university. She lives in Philadelphia, PA. Google+, Twitter

Vikram Johri

Vikram Johri is a writer living in New Delhi, India. His work has appeared in many publications, including the "Christian Science Monitor" and "Chicago Sun-Times." History of Yoga

Brenna E. Fitzgerald

Brenna Fitzgerald has a BA in history from Cornell University and an MA in critical studies from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. She teaches yoga and writes film reviews in NYC.

Alex Dueben

Alex Dueben is a writer living in Encino, California. everything you need and want to know

John G. Rodwan, Jr.

John G. Rodwan, Jr. lives in Brooklyn. His writing has appeared in diverse publications including "Spot Literary Magazine," "The Brooklyn Rail," "American Writer," and "Free Inquiry." He was a Thomas C. Rumble Fellow at Wayne State University in Detroit. donghai bridge

Abigail Licad

Abigail Licad grew up in the Philippines and immigrated to the U.S. at age 13. She received her bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and her master's degree in literature from Oxford University. Her poetry and book reviews have appeared in "Calyx," "The Critical Flame," "Borderlands," and "Smartish Pace." She is a books editor at "Hyphen," an Asian American culture and politics magazine based in San Francisco,

David Cross

David Cross is a writer living in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania.  Motivational Quotes

James Abourezk

James Abourezk is a former U.S. Senator from South Dakota. He now works as a lawyer and writer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Celebrity Press Theme

Laura Levitt

Laura Levitt is the Director of Jewish Studies at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. how rich is drake

Chris Malcomb

Chris Malcomb is an English and Creative Writing teacher living in Berkeley, CA. His work has appeared in over a dozen periodicals including the "San Francisco Chronicle Magazine," "The Sun," "Narrative," "Common Ground," "Red Clay Review," and KQED Radio's "Perspectives" series. His essay, "Broken Lines," about teaching fiction to incarcerated men, was selected as a finalist for the 2006 Bechtel prize and published in "Teachers and Writers" magazine. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco and is the founder of The Mindful Writer, through which he offers editing, literary coaching, and classes and workshops combining mindfulness and creative writing.

Pedro Blas Gonzalez

Pedro Blas Gonzalez is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Barry University, Florida. Beyonce Net Worth

Charlie Coffeen

Charlie Coffeen is a pianist and keyboard player from Fort Wayne, IN who has been living and making music in Chicago for 5 years. He plays with and writes music for Sidewalk Chalk, The Ephelon Trio, Animate Objects, FadrBooste, and a wide range of solo artists. Charlie attended Columbia College studying jazz and contemporary music. He is currently working in the studio with Sidewalk Chalk for their full-length album, writing music reviews for the "California Literary Review," and playing shows regularly throughout Chicago.

Rose Lejeune

Rose Lejeune is an independent writer and curator based in London.  how much does Addison Rae weigh

Josh Tolentino

Josh Tolentino is a freelance writer with a passion for games, Japan, and the cultures they spawn. He also writes for and He can be seen online as "unangbangkay" on the PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, or Steam.

Fran Bigman

Fran Bigman is an American living in London, where she is working a PhD in English at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on representations of abortion in British culture from 1918 to 1967, and her other interests include contemporary British fiction, dystopian fiction and film, and novels of immigration and migration. Fran's book reviews have appeared in the "Times Literary Supplement," "Wasafiri,", "Words Without Borders," where she also served as reviews editor, and the "Jewish Quarterly." She is reviews editor of the website Fiction Uncovered.

Latest from Fran Bigman
Latest from Fletcher Chan

Carmela Ciuraru

Carmela Ciuraru has published several poetry anthologies and is writing a nonfiction book for HarperCollins. She has written for the LOS ANGELES TIMES, ARTNEWS, SPIN, INTERVIEW, NEWSDAY, the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, and other publications. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Latest from Carmela Ciuraru
Latest from Graham Vickers
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Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is a staff correspondent of The Economist. For four years, he was the publication's Johannesburg bureau chief, reporting from Madagascar, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and-illegally-from Zimbabwe, as well as from many corners in between. He has also reported from Southeast Asia, the Balkans, Europe, and the United States.   Steel Buildings HQ

Latest from Adam Roberts
Latest from George Franklin Feldman

Raja Shehadeh

Raja Shehadeh is an author and lawyer. He was a founding member of the pioneering human rights organization, Al Haq, the West Bank affiliate of the International Commission of Jurists. He was legal advisor to the Peace Negotiations in Washington DC between Israel and the Palestinians and a member of the legal team which argued the case against the Wall at the International Court at the Hague. He has written a number of books on the legal aspects of the occupation. Beyonce Net Worth

Rufus Phillips

Rufus Phillips became a member of the Saigon Military Mission in 1954 and the following year served as the sole adviser to two Vietnamese army pacification operations, earning the CIA's Intelligence Medal of Merit for his work. He later worked as a CIA civilian case officer in Vietnam and Laos, then joined the U.S. Agency for International Development's Saigon Mission to lead its counterinsurgency efforts. In 1964 he became a consultant for USAID and the State Department and served as an adviser to Vice President Hubert Humphrey. History of Yoga

Jeff McMillan

Jeffery S. McMillan is an author and researcher who worked for ten years as an archivist at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. He currently lives in the Bay Area. He has written for periodicals, academic journals, and the "New Grove Dictionary of American Music." His book, "Delightfulee: The Life and Music of Lee Morgan" (University of Michigan Press, 2008) was the winner of the Jazz Times readers poll, "Best in the Industry: Books."

Lisa Montanarelli

Lisa Montanarelli received her B.A. from Yale and her Ph.D. in comparative literature from U.C. Berkeley. As a freelance writer based in New York City, she covers a wide range of topics, including culture, health, sex, politics, and economics. She has co-authored three nonfiction books, including THE FIRST YEAR - HEPATITIS C: AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR THE NEWLY DIAGNOSED, which she and co-author Cara Bruce revised and updated in 2007. She currently writes a column on economics and personal finance for, and her features, profiles, and reviews have appeared in a number of publications, including SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, THE HISTORY CHANNEL MAGAZINE, ART AND ANTIQUES MAGAZINE, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.  how rich is drake

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Helen Caldicott

Helen Caldicott is the world's leading spokesperson for the antinuclear movement and Nobel Peace Prize nominee. A bestselling author, she divides her time between Australia and Washington D.C., where she is the president of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute.  Scheduled Post Shift

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M. Kellner

M. Kellner is a writer and graphic artist living in Culver City, California.

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Peter Kuran

Peter Kuran is the award winning producer/director of "Trinity and Beyond (The Atomic Bomb Movie)." He started his career as an Animator on the original "Star Wars" in 1976 and has since worked on over 300 theatrical motion pictures. Beyonce Net Worth

Martino Fagiuoli

Martino Fagiuoli is an Italian photographer who has been photographing Cuba and its people since 1990.  Beyonce Net Worth

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K. W. Jeter

K. W. Jeter is the international and "New York Times" best-selling author of science fiction novels including "Farewell Horizontal," "Death Arms" and "Madlands," horror/thrillers including "The Night Man," "Soul Eater" and "Dark Seeker," and media tie-ins including the "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Wars" trilogy and the authorized "Blade Runner" book sequels "The Edge of Human" and "Replicant Night." His first digital original, "The Kingdom of Shadows," is available now for the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook. For news about his upcoming publications, both online and traditional print, plus occasional blogging about literary and other matters, visit his website.

Sari Kawana

Sari Kawana is assistant professor of Japanese at the University of Massachussets, Boston. History of Yoga

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Robert Poole

Robert Poole is Reader in History, University of Cambria. Beyonce Net Worth

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Douglas Berger

Douglas Berger is an assistant professor of philosophy at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.  Bank Listing's

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Trilby Kent

Trilbt Kent is a writer living in Brussels, Belgium. History of Yoga

Latest from Trilby Kent

Abby Rosenthal

Abby Rosenthal, a New Yorker by birth, lived in upstate New York, Wyoming, and Washington DC before settling in Memphis to work as a teacher and raise a family. Her poetry and prose have appeared in literary journals such as "Alaska Quarterly," "Bloomsbury Review," "Carolina Quarterly," "Kansas Quarterly," and the "Southern Poetry Review." A book of her poetry, "Ardor's Hut," was published by Alembic Press in l989.

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Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman is a Chicago-based independent scholar, editor, and exhibition consultant with expertise in Russian and Soviet art. She has had articles published in RUSSIAN LIFE magazine, the ZIMMERLI JOURNAL, and STUDIES IN THE DECORATIVE ARTS, among other places, and has written or contributed to various museum and auction house catalogues and brochures. Her forthcoming article "Socialist Realism and the Avant-Garde: The Artists' Brigades and the Anti-Formalist Campaign" will appear in the book ALEXANDER TYSHLER (1898-1978) IN THE CONTEXT OF RUSSIAN ARTISTIC CULTURE OF THE SOVIET ERA (Russian State University of the Humanities).

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser is a writer living in Massachusetts. She has written for many publications including "USA Today" "Newsday" and the "Philadelphia Inquirer."

Michael D. Pederson

Mike Pederson is the publisher/editor/graphic designer responsible for the semiprozine "Nth Degree" and its e-zine counterpart, Mike began life as a semi-pro in 1988 when his SF short story, "Dust Storm," won first place in a local writing contest. In the 1990s, he wrote and published the "Raven" comic book series (with artist R. Craig Enslin) and edited and published "Scene," a Virginia-based entertainment magazine. Mike is a lifelong book enthusiast and has been a published book reviewer since 1998.

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Laurel Snyder

Laurel Snyder's country music writing has appeared in "No Depression," "Harp," "Paste," and the "UTNE Reader." She lives in Atlanta.

Isa Kapp

Isa Kapp is a Washington critic and essayist who has written for "The American Scholar," "The New York Times" and "The Washington Post" book reviews, "Commentary," and "The New Leader." WP Realtor

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Ashley Gilbertson

Ashley Gilbertson won the Robert Capa Gold Medal for his photographs of the battle of Falluja and was named the National Photographer of the Year by the National Photo Awards in 2005. Net Worth

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John Matthew Fox

John Matthew Fox is a writer and professor living in Los Angeles. He has an MPW (Master of Professional Writing) degree from the University of Southern California and an MA in literary theory from New York University. Aside from schooling, he's also been educated by the road, traveling through more than 35 countries on six continents in the past decade. His fiction has been published in "Tampa Review," "Los Angeles Review," and "Connecticut Review," and his nonfiction in "Rain Taxi," "Bold type," "The Short Review," and "The Quarterly Conversation." He currently is the Managing Editor of the "Southern California Review."

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Adrian Murdoch

Adrian Murdoch is a historian, journalist, and fellow of the Royal Historical Society.   I Quotatious - Inspirational Quotes

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Nivedita Gunturi

Nivedita Gunturi is a medical intern and freelance writer currently based in Chicago. After receiving a B.A. in English from Tufts University, she is now wrapping up her medical studies and is preparing for a residency in internal medicine. She is the co-founder of Sangam India (, a non-profit group dedicated to improving living conditions for the urban poor in the slums of Chennai, India. When she's not in the hospital, she can be found experimenting in the kitchen, in a coffee shop reading anything from the Economist to Herman Hesse, or writing about politics, music, art, books, food and other random things. You can see her writing in AND magazine, Eburban, Eatology, MVRemix and, among others.

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