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Journalists, Guest Posters, Reviewers, and Influencers this is the form to send us your information if you are interested in becoming part of the California Literary Review Team as a Reviewer or ling term Guest Poster or Journalist.  

All posting rules can be found on the submission page after at least 3 posts are approved on the site you can also apply here for an account that will allow you to post your articles much faster.

We allow both Free and Paid Reviewers

Rules for Free Reviewers – As a free reviewer you will receive up to 2 links back one inside the content body and one in your BIO you must send us your BIO however all rules still apply for these 2 links ready rules on the submission page for details.

Rules for Paid Reviewers – As a paid reviewer you will receive payment minus a small transaction fee – below you can send us your pricing, However, you will receive no Links in the reviews.


We need Reviewers for the following categories – Art, Dance, Music, Theater, Poetry, Culture, Travel, Games, Fashion, Movies, T.V. Series, Political, Economics, Architectural, Book and Product

Look for a category on the site if we don’t already offer it please feel free to contact us on the contact page or here in your information requesting us to add new categories to the site.

Moview Reviews


This form is for people interested in recieving books/movies/apps en exchange for there honest review

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