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How to fake your way out of seeing this year’s Oscar nominees!


How to fake your way out of seeing this year’s Oscar nominees!

How to fake your way out of seeing this year's Oscar nominees! 3

No, you don’t have to watch The Blind Side. I’ve got your back.

This year, for the first time in almost sixty years, there are ten nominees for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. And you know what that means… now there are even more movies that you probably haven’t seen yet. I’ve put together the following Oscar Primer at Geekscape to help you through these dark and troubled times. All the films nominated for the major awards are at the link below, complete with trivia to impress your friends, and educated opinions both for and against the nominees being brilliant, so you can act like you’ve seen them all (while saving yourself a ton of money).

William Bibbiani’s Official 2010 Oscar Primer!

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William Bibbiani is a highly opinionated film, TV and videogame critic living in Los Angeles, California. In addition to his work at the "California Literary Review" William also contributes articles and criticism to "Geekscape" and "Ranker" and has won multiple awards for co-hosting the weekly Geekscape podcast and for his series of Safe-For-Work satirical pornographic film critiques, "Geekscape After Dark." He also writes screenplays and, when coerced with sweet, sweet nothings, occasionally acts in such internet series as "Bus Pirates" and "Heads Up with Nar Williams." A graduate of the UCLA School of Film, Television and Digital Media, William sometimes regrets not pursuing a career in what he refers to as "lawyering" so that he could afford luxuries like food and shoes. William can be found on both the Xbox Live and Playstation Network as GuyGardner2814, and on Twitter as - surprisingly - WilliamBibbiani. Google+

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