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Who Killed JFK? – An Interview With Lamar Waldron


Who Killed JFK? – An Interview With Lamar Waldron

“…we discovered that JFK and his brother had a never-before-revealed plan to stage a coup against Castro on December 1, 1963…The Mafia dons used parts of the secret coup plan to try and assassinate JFK first in Chicago, then in Tampa, and finally in Dallas. By planting evidence implicating Castro, the mob bosses prevented Robert Kennedy and other key officials from conducting a thorough investigation…”

Who Killed JFK? - An Interview With Lamar Waldron 1

JFK and Jackie arriving at Love Field, Texas

Lamar Waldron is the author of Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFK.

So much has been written about JFK’s assassination–what in your book is new?
A tremendous amount. With the help of almost two dozen people who worked with John and Robert Kennedy–backed up by thousands of documents in the National Archives–we discovered that JFK and his brother had a never-before-revealed plan to stage a coup against Castro on December 1, 1963. The CIA’s code-name for their part of the plan–AMWORLD–has never appeared in print before, and was withheld from the Warren Commission and later Congressional investigating committees. As part of the coup plan, in the days and weeks before Dallas, Robert Kennedy even had a top secret committee making plans for dealing with the possible “assassination of American officials,” in case Castro found out about the coup plan and tried to retaliate.However, the Kennedy’s coup plan was infiltrated by three powerful Mafia bosses being targeted by Attorney General Robert Kennedy: Johnny Rosselli of the Chicago Mafia, Tampa godfather Santo Trafficante, and Carlos Marcello (godfather of Louisiana and east Texas). The Mafia dons used parts of the secret coup plan to try and assassinate JFK first in Chicago (on 11-2-63), then in Tampa (on 11-18-63, an attempt never revealed before), and finally in Dallas. By planting evidence implicating Castro, the mob bosses prevented Robert Kennedy and other key officials from conducting a thorough investigation, in order to protect the coup plan and prevent nuclear confrontation with the Russians.
While it’s been known since the early 1990s that Robert Kennedy eventually told close associates the Mafia was behind his brother’s death, the book finally explains how the Mafia did it, presenting a huge amount of new information.

Can you tell us more about these two attempts on JFK’s life just prior to Dallas and their connection to November 22nd?
As we were told by Chicago Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden, they had uncovered a plot by four men to kill JFK during his Chicago motorcade planned for November 2, 1963. An ex-Marine (with several recent parallels to Oswald) was arrested, but the four men remained at large. So, JFK had to cancel his motorcade at the last minute, even as people were lining the motorcade route. Pierre Salinger told us about the two different excuses he gave for the cancellation. In addition, Salinger–who began his work for the Kennedys as a Mafia investigator–revealed that Jack Ruby had been in Chicago a week prior to the motorcade, where he had received $7,000 from someone who worked for an associate of Trafficante and Marcello. Salinger’s revelation was confirmed by two eye-witnesses and FBI reports in the National Archives.The Tampa attempt had more than a dozen parallels to JFK’s assassination in Dallas, including a male suspect in his early twenties linked to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. The Police and Secret Service warned JFK about the threat, but JFK bravely went ahead with the motorcade anyway, because of an important speech about Cuba he had to give in Miami that night, a speech that was part of the coup plan.
No news reports about the Tampa threat appeared while JFK was alive–just a tiny article the day after this death; by the following day the Tampa Chief of Police and Secret Service weren’t talking to the press about it. On the very day Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden went to Washington to tell Warren Commission staff about the Tampa and Chicago attempts, and other Secret Service laxity, he was framed by the Chicago Mafia and arrested. He was sent to prison for six years, even though his main accuser later admitted committing perjury against Bolden. The book finally explains exactly who framed Bolden, and why.

Why did the three Mafia godfathers want to assassinate JFK?

Because Robert Kennedy was waging the biggest war against organized crime that America has ever seen, and the Mafia families of Chicago, Tampa, and Louisiana were under incredible pressure. Rosselli’s boss was under “lockstep surveillance” by the FBI, and even Trafficante’s family members were being prosecuted. Marcello himself was put on trial by Robert Kennedy’s prosecutors the day before the Chicago attempt. Marcello bribed a key juror to ensure his acquittal, which Marcello timed for 11-22-63, when JFK was shot in Dallas. Marcello had a big celebration that afternoon and the only other known celebration after JFK’s death was in Tampa, were Trafficante publicly toasted JFK’s murder at the very restaurant where JFK had given a speech, just four days earlier.The Kennedys had worked hard to keep the Mafia from having a role in their coup plan, and JFK’s plans for a democratic government in Cuba after the coup would have kept the Mafia from returning to reopen their casinos there. So, the Mafia dons had to kill JFK before December 1, 1963, because only the secrecy surrounding the coup plan could prevent a thorough, public investigation that could have exposed their involvement.

Walk us through exactly what transpired in Dealy Plaza. Where did the shots come from and who were the shooters?
Very briefly: There is much evidence that Oswald was in the lunchroom of the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the shooting. Two men were seen behind the fence on the “grassy knoll.” Other witnesses saw two men on the sixth floor of the Depository. Riding in the limo directly behind JFK’s were his two closest Presidential Aides, Dave Powers and Kenneth O’Donnell. As Powers told my co-author Thom Hartmann, both men heard–and Powers saw–shots from the grassy knoll. That explains why JFK’s limo slowed at the sound of the first shot from the front, because they thought they were riding into an ambush. Powers and O’Donnell confirmed the shots from the knoll to former House Speaker Tip O’Neill, who wrote about it in his autobiography, Man of the House. Our book also explains why Powers and O’Donnell were pressured to alter their Warren Commission testimony “for the good of the country,” and which current US Senator was involved with that.
The book deals with evidence indicating that Mafioso present in Dealy Plaza that day could have included Johnny Rosselli, Chicago Mafia hitman Charles Nicoletti, French assassin Michel Victor Mertz, and a CIA operative working on the Kennedys’ coup plan who was (unknown to the Kennedys) also working for the Mafia.

As you state in your book, there are many credible witnesses who believe shots were fired from the grassy knoll and it certainly looks on the Zapruder film that Kennedy has been shot from the front, but isn’t the autopsy of President Kennedy proof that the bullet entered the rear of his skull? The entry wound on the back of his head was small, but the exit wound on the right side of his head was nearly six inches.
Many distinguished experts disagree with what you’ve just stated, including Dr. Cyril Wecht, one of the country’s leading forensic pathologists. Remember that what is visible in the remaining photographs doesn’t sometimes match what is in the surviving x-rays–and there is considerable testimony that photos and x-rays were taken that are not part of the evidence today. Plus, crucial evidence, like JFK’s brain, disappeared once it was in the custody of Robert Kennedy.Entire books have been written about the autopsy, so I won’t try to cover everything here. Suffice it to say that the wound descriptions by the Dallas doctors didn’t sometimes match those of the autopsy physicians at Bethesda, and vice versa. For example, in Dallas the small wound in JFK’s throat was described as an entrance wound. Because they made a neat tracheotomy incision over the wound, the doctors at Bethesda didn’t even realize it was a bullet wound. JFK’s back wound was almost six inches below the base of his neck–making it impossible for a bullet coming down from the steep angle of the sixth floor of the Book Depository to have entered there and emerged many inches higher, from the front of JFK’s throat. (where it would have been heading up, only to have to head down again to hit Gov. Connolly–that’s just one reason the pristine bullet is called the “magic bullet”).
In addition, new information declassified from the House Select Committee on Assassinations and the JFK Assassination Records Review Board casts further doubt on the Warren Commission theory of JFK’s wounds.
We present new information in the book, based on interviews with two people at Bethesda during the autopsy, including David Powers, a JFK aide who was also one of the closest eye-witnesses to the assassination.
Much evidence we cite shows that Robert Kennedy essentially controlled JFK’s autopsy. After the autopsy, control of JFK’s body was turned over to two officials who had been working with Robert Kennedy on covert Cuban operations. Even JFK’s personal physician, Admiral Burkley–the only doctor present in both Dallas and Bethesda–believed JFK was killed as a result of a conspiracy.
What were Oswald’s actions from the time of the assassination until he was arrested?
After reviewing all the evidence as part of seventeen years of research, we were stuck by how much of the conventional Warren Commission story is contradicted by other evidence, including earlier statements by many of their key witnesses. Thus, Oswald’s movements from shortly after the assassination until he returned to his rooming house can’t be pinned down with certainty.While Oswald was in his rooming house, a police car pulled up, honked its horn, then pulled away. A short time later, Oswald walked out of the rooming house.
The Warren Commission says then that Oswald was walking (since he didn’t drive or own a car) on a quiet street, when a patrolman drove up to him. According to the official story, the crazed ex-serviceman pulled out a pistol, shot the patrolman and fled. As our book points out for the first time, that exact scene (involving an ex-serviceman) is in a movie that Johnny Rosselli produced (uncredited, but confirmed by court documents) in 1948, called “He Walked by Night.”
Oswald next shows up at the Texas Theater, where he was arrested, though again, much evidence contradicts the conventional version of events. We present evidence (including some from secret Warren Commission memos not included in their final report) that Oswald thought he was going to Mexico City, on a “mission” that involved getting into Cuba on a mission in support of upcoming US action against Cuba. The theater was where Oswald had been told he would meet his contact.
The book presents a huge amount of evidence that Oswald was a low-level asset for a US intelligence agency, and not a communist. For example, the Warren Commission claimed Oswald was a Marxist as teenager, but how many communist teenagers join the Civil Air Patrol? And not only join the US Marines, but try to join before he’s even old enough? We uncovered new information showing that Oswald was under ‘tight” surveillance by Naval Intelligence from the time he returned to the US from Russia. Oswald’s role as an intelligence asset explains why US authorities weren’t concerned when Oswald–a seeming former defector with a Russian wife–got a job in Dallas at a firm that prepared material for maps created from U-2 spy plane photos, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Oswald had been looking for work in Dallas in October of ’63 and found the job at the School Book Depository through a friend of his wife’s. He started work there October 16th. It doesn’t sound like an active plot to kill the President is in place at that time (Kennedy’s motorcade route had not yet been planned) and it also wouldn’t give much time for anyone to set him up as a patsy – creating a bogus sniper’s nest, etc.
That’s a common misconception. JFK’s long-rumored Dallas visit had finally been announced on Sept. 26–right before Oswald tried to go to Cuba via Mexico City. It was well known by Jack Ruby and others in Dallas that any major motorcade would go through Dealy Plaza along Main Street. It’s not generally known, but 11-22-63 wasn’t the first time JFK had been through Dealy Plaza in a motorcade–JFK had been there in 1960, during the campaign. (Of course, Oswald was in Russia at that time, but Ruby and the Marcello associates he worked for were in Dallas then.)The mob bosses who’d been carefully planning to kill JFK had plenty of time make sure Oswald got a job near the motorcade route. In fact, Oswald applied for several jobs near and along the motorcade route.
It’s important to note that around the same time Oswald moved to a new city (Dallas, from New Orleans) and got a new job, so did the ex-Marine arrested at the time of the 11/2/63 Chicago attempt against JFK and the young man linked to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee who was investigated by authorities after the 11/18/63 Tampa attempt to assassinate JFK.

Where does Ruby fit in to all of this? Why would he kill Oswald knowing that he would spend the rest of his life in prison or be sentenced to death?
Ruby was a long-time Mafia associate who was in desperate financial straits at the time. In addition, the book documents for the first time that Ruby (who ran guns to Cuba) had been part of the 1959 CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro. Ruby had also been an informant for the FBI at that time–and for other law enforcement agencies later–which would also insure the various agencies couldn’t dig too deeply into Ruby’s background or share key information with those investigating JFK’s assassination. As if to drive the point home to authorities, even the pistol Ruby used to shoot Oswald came from Ruby’s time in the first round of CIA-Mafia plots against Castro.Ruby’s job–in Chicago and probably Tampa, as well as Dallas–was to get a policeman to quickly kill the patsy, since Ruby had numerous friends in law enforcement. Failing to do that, Ruby had to do the job himself, though Congressional (and even Warren Commission) investigators felt he had the help of one or more policemen. One of them let Ruby know when Oswald was heading to the basement, the day he was shot.
Under Texas’s “sudden passion” murder defense at the time, Ruby could have received as little as five years, and with good behavior, had to serve less than three years. Ruby’s mob-linked lawyer chose not to use that defense, and instead used a bizarre “psycho-motor” defense that had never worked before.

But once Ruby’s in jail for life, and particularly after his diagnosis of cancer, what would prevent him from telling the truth about his role in the assassination?
One reason the Jewish Ruby had been able to work with the Mafia for so long was that he’d shown he could keep his mouth shut, even when it came to murder. Robert Kennedy wrote in his book “The Enemy Within” about a Mafia murder in 1939 that was important in forging a link between the Mafia and the Teamsters–and police records show that one of the mobsters who kept his mouth shut about that hit was Jack Ruby. By 1963, Ruby was a long-trusted lower-level mob associate, part of a tight-knit Mafia heroin network that went through Dallas.
The night before the assassination, Ruby dined at the restaurant of a long-time Marcello associate. After Ruby’s arrest, he was visited by the same Marcello associate. As we cite in the book from Warren Commission testimony, there are indications that the lives of Ruby’s family (sister, brothers, their children) had been threatened, that Ruby had been told they could face death or torture if he didn’t cooperate. One of the Chicago mobsters that framed Abraham Bolden was known for the same type of brutal torture murders that gave Ruby nightmares.
In addition, it’s been said that for much of the time of Ruby’s incarceration, Dealy Plaza was visible from Ruby’s jail cell in Dallas. That’s the ultimate reminder of what could happen to those who angered the Mafia, even a President. In the same way Ruby’s close connections to hundreds of Dallas police made him valuable to the Mafia, Ruby knew that it would be just as easy for the Mafia to take action against Ruby, even in prison.
Ruby didn’t have that much time to talk after his sudden diagnosis of cancer. Ruby had received a clean bill of health from a medical exam not long before. As I write in the book “Ruby had been diagnosed with cancer three days after winning a December 7, 1966 appeal for a new trail, to be held in Wichita Falls.” Just over three weeks later, he was dead. By not talking after his cancer diagnosis, Ruby probably felt he had insured the safety of his family.

Will we ever find a definitive answer to this mystery? Is there anyone alive who was involved and could provide important information?
The answer to both questions is “yes” and “yes.” NBC News and a government watchdog group, OMB Watch, both reported that well over a million documents remain secret, possibly until the year 2017. Everyone we have uncovered who was knowingly involved in JFK’s death (less than a dozen) is either dead (most of those confessed to associates prior to their death), in prison, or has served time for a crime related to the assassination. With so much still secret, and so much time having passed, further prosecutions for the assassination would be difficult if not impossible. That’s why we recommend a South African-style truth commission about the assassination. They could review and release the vast majority of the million still-secret files, and take testimony from those who were involved.
We also feel strongly that Abraham Bolden–who had a sterling service record before his arrest and was America’s first black Presidential Secret Service agent– deserves to finally have his name cleared.

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  1. Lastparade

    December 15, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    Nothing could be since it was related by Warren Comission. Some may say that Bush’s were really into. Besides, LBJ had some reason to agree or to shut up. On the others aspects of the bullets, we can see that they also came from the viaduct. (some) because there are lights that shine while the Presidential Limusine rushes in away to PH. To conclude, none discussed here that were five shots. This can be seen later on films. Also, the man holding the umbrella even the man had a kind of weapon hidden. together with him, but some inches away there was a man wearing a forest hat. Sharply we can see that he held a shotgun. There are many others aspects to relate from these films, both from Zapruder’s as well as from withnesses that went over the Dealey Plaza on Dec 22, ’63 to watch for the last time their President alive. Concern to black man we can see them around the building window both on TDTSBD or near the City Hall etc. Well friends, if you take a close look on the fency….there are much more cold assassins than populars to see the Comitive. Lasting, you’re interested into my studies concern to the assassins as well as the conspiracy, just to drop me writing about it.

  2. mahaki

    August 16, 2011 at 7:29 am

    There’s a lotta “gripes & bitches” in this column, and that’s all it is….JUST THAT !!!

    AMERICA doesn’t Deserve any more or less,
    What Anerica puts in, it’ll take out,
    No more No Less !!!

    In 45 years the American Public, has DONE. NOTHING,
    about the ASSASSINATION of;


    and goodness knoows how many others, have been killed also.

  3. Larry Blong

    May 31, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    The plot probably originated within a faction inside the CIA (David Atlee Phillips, Bill Harvey, David Morales, Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt), logistics carried out by David Ferrie and that gang, hitmen hired by the mob (Marcello, Trafficante), and all evidence covered up by the new man in power, LBJ and his cohort J. Edgar Hoover. Eyewitnesses along the parade route claim that on Houston Street, before the 120 degree turn onto Elm, LBJ was ducking down in his seat. Check the look of disdain on the face of LBJ toward JFK at the breakfast in Fort Worth. Nixon and GHWB, who were in Dallas that day, probably also had a hand in it.

  4. Brian

    April 3, 2011 at 9:28 am

    First of all JFK was fighting for peace around the world..And the so called attempt at another bay of pigs ..not..kennedy was trying to set the stage for peace for John Kennedy always believed the castro would fall when the United states traded with her..for greed would bring her down. Now isn’t it interesting that Oswald ex marine left all his shells behind at the scene of both crimes..and if that was hiding a rife in behind waist high boxes. when there were boxes stacked alot higher..those shells and rifle were made to be found..that was some marine he had all day to find a really good hiding spot..or even better yet make one..Now as far as Ruby..did Ruby really send his money order when it was said he did or did he pribe someone to say so..Interest that Ruby screwed up in his statements as he said he got angry when Oswald came out of an office..Oswald came out of a building; not an office..but he did come out of an office for he was being interrogated once again..a true slip by far as the autopsy you have autopsy photos that don’t even match each other and worse yet the so called back wound is not the back wound for just left and litle lower is the true bullet wound..for it has the exact same abrassion collar his jacket has..President Kennedy wa kiled in coup by the C.I.A and the Mob; both for there own personally gain..Do I believe that LBJ and Hoover knew..yes..if you going to plan the crime of the century you want to make sure you have everyone on your side..regardles of how much LBJ hated the kennedy’s or hoover still need them on your side..


  5. steven arterbery

    December 3, 2010 at 12:02 pm


  6. Rex Mundi

    October 25, 2010 at 12:56 am

    If you look real close at the Zapruder film,doesn’t it seems funny that only a really small number of people were line up on the left side of Elm Street,the side in which at least 4 bullets were aimed at? While the right side of Elm was packed with people?

  7. Followthemoney

    August 10, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    The assassination(s) were all about money;

    Three facts;

    The missile crises scared the hell out of JFK and every sane person in the world. Hence JFK’s peace process starting with the USSR and Khrushchev.

    If JFK wasn’t going to invade Cuba why fight in Vietnam (USA longest war). Hence JFK start to de-escalate and pull America out of the Far East. Infuriated off all those stock holding Joint Chiefs, CIA’s & others… you bet!

    Billions and billions of dollars not going into the Military-Industrial complex. (Do you have any idea what all those nukes and wars cost?)

    Hence the assassinations of both him and his brother.

    The rest is just details and filler for books and web pages.

    America lost more than a good leader(s). Some of the posts above detail the losses quite well. Image all that money going into health, education and building American infrastructure?

    The MI complex is just as strong today as it was then.

    I hear it time and time again, shoot lots it’s good for business. And don’t worry the powers to be will keep finding enemies… to keep Americans safe from.

    Freedom from fear is true freedom!

  8. denise

    July 18, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    i think maria might be on to something i have read numerous books on the assassination,one think has always bothered me after oswalds defection to the ussr and he gave secrets to the soviets how does a guy who comes back to the united states and nobody arrests him is this not treason were not the rosenbergs executed for this, also if oswald did shoot jfk why did he go back to his boarding house and get his pistol one would think he would have had his pistol with him in getaway after killing thr president of the united states

  9. Maria

    June 12, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    Always have wondered- has anyone ever heard of any witnesses that saw suspicious individuals getting the logistics straight in Dealey Plaza in the days or weeks prior to the assassination?? My 2 cents on JFK’s murder is this. Research tells us that the US has been owned since at least 1913 (creation of Fed Reserve). Rothschild family owns this entity. It is my belief that any killing of a US politician, especially the President has to be ordered, or at the very least,condoned by this family and their cohorts. All books and theories rarely mention this. Think of the world as a pyramid or a criminal organization. People must follow orders and get approval for certain things. The reason why JFK’s murder will never be solved is because all the theories get you spinning in all different directions and away from the real power behind the scene. This real power controls all the others. A Pyramid, plain and simple. Sure JFK made a lot of enemies, but so did Clinton, Bush, etc. The whole world hates Bush and he gets to lounge by the pool for the rest of his life. As soon as you realize how much $ the Rothschilds have, it’s easy to see who is behind all this mess. They made the Bush, Rockefeller and many other families rich, so they can control the US for centuries. Listen to JFK’s last speech on Youtube and you can see what he was getting at. Made alot of people nervous. PS- Ever wonder why all the Presidents that have been killed or attempted to be killed have done something to piss of the Bankers and the money kings. Do research into this matter and read some famous quotes from some very influential people regarding these people. It all makes sense once you see the timelines!!

  10. Gene Flynn

    April 29, 2010 at 6:15 am

    In a time of ‘Cold War’, a nation cannot be deemed vulnerable. If the U.S Govt expedited a quick finding in the greatest ‘Whodunnit’ in modern history, then it was probably for the stability of it’s international standing in trouble times.
    I often reflect on John Kennedy who swam out to sea from an island in the Sth Pacific to seek rescue for his men when his PT boat was sunk. An incredibly selfless and heroic act.He took responsibility for the loss of his boat and for the situation that he and his men found themselves in. I like to think he carried that ideology with him into the White House.
    He was a real ‘Commander and Chief’ and the whole world sensed it.
    The ‘Lone gunman’ theory was convenient and even more convenient for those who dont want to think but having spoken to a former Marine sharp shooter who was in Dallas that fateful day and I shall quote from the conversation, ” Well I dont know who killed the President but I can tell you that the rifle they found from that distance (book depository) and trajectory and the speed of the motorcade, it was impossible with that weapon” !
    I could tell he was fearful of saying this stuff to me so I didnt press him.
    It has been fear, fear amongst the common man that has protected Kennedy’s killers. Oswald certainly never created that kind of fear. He’s dead too and so why did so many witnesses go to ground ?
    Kennedy was warned not to go to Texas but he did and this time the sharks were waiting.The elimination of a dynasty had commenced and those who feared this courageous bloodline have made sure that ‘Camelot’ remains a fairytale.
    The Siscillian method of execution in broad daylight is perhaps a clue that the Mafia was involved but it is more likely that the ‘engine room’ was close to the scene of the crime. A dumby run in another state preceding the assassination for real time choreography and then ‘good to go’ in Dallas.
    I was only three years old when JFK was gunned down. I saw grown men crying in the street and I asked my grandmother why these people were crying? She said to me, ” a very important man has died” !
    How different the world may have been had courage prevailed !

  11. Peter Hoelen

    April 13, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    As many of you have, I have read over 50 books on the circumstances surrounding the assassination of JFK. I never believed in the “lone-nut” theory or the “magic bullet” theory. I was always suspicious that there were so many vastly different theories as to who did it and how. Anti-Castro Cubans, Pro-Castro Cubans, the Mafia, the CIA, the FBI, the John Birch Society, the Military Industrial Complex (of the US) and even a Secret Service Agent riding in the Secret Service “Follow-Up” car, among other theories. It almost seemed that there was some sort of “Misinformation” apparatus somewhere, that was flooding the media with nonsense to throw the public off. I must admit that only the 2 books written by Thom Hartmann and Lamar Waldron “Ultimate Sacrifice”, and “Legacy of Secrecy” tie all of the true facts about the greatest crime in US history together, at last. Both J Edgar Hoover (FBI), and Richard Helms (CIA), were compromised by their involvement with the Mafia. J Edgar because of his homosexuality, which the Mafia caught him at (on tape recordings) and Richard Helms who,in 1962 became Director of Plans after the CIA’s disastrous role in the attempted invasion of Cuba. Helms assured the Kennedy Brothers (Jack and Bobby) that they were not using the Mafia in their part of The December 1, 1963 “Plan to Overthrow Castro”. But Helms continued to use Mafia people on his anti-Castro activities. By allowing the Mafia access to the plan, Helms allowed the Mafia to develop a fool-proof plot to get away with the assassination of a US President (to this day).

    As a result of being compromised, both Hoover and Helms created divisions within their agencies to investigate and discredit anyone and everyone who tried to investigate or write books (or articles)about the CIA and FBI as complicit in the President’s death. All this to save their own agencies and careers.

    I always felt that there was a connection between “Watergate” and the assassination of JFK, and likewise believed that the people who killed JFK also killed RFK and Martin Luther King. These 2 books show, for the first time, that these events were, in fact, connected, and that all three murders were committed by and covered up by the Mafia… with the help of the FBI and CIA.

  12. KeepItSimple

    March 22, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    No way, bigfoot was chillen with his family back in the 60’s. He didnt go apesh&t and start hunting till the late 70’s when we decided that the forest and plantation should be demolished so we can build million dollar homes, and small buisnesses.

  13. CatLady

    February 22, 2010 at 10:39 am

    I think big foot killed him.yeahh

  14. no name

    December 9, 2009 at 5:23 am

    the rifles were sourced by a cia technician ,it was not his normal job ,cant rember his name .

  15. KeepItSimple

    December 8, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    “Conspiracy Theory always brings out the crazies.
    JFK was killed by a lone, white gun-nut.
    Why is that hard to understand?”

    I guess factial evidence doesnt pertain to you Cedric. I understand different people have different theories, but I have never met someone who honestly beleives what you just said. Please explain so I can get a better look at how one shooter did this… Dont worry about his CIA connections and false defections. Dont worry about his unmarksman like shooting habbits, or his presense in the break room while the shooting was taking place. Or how he ran to his neighborhood and decided to shoot Tippett, or the 100 or so other facts that make his shooting a complete botched circumstance. I’ll leave all that out and just see what facts you have. Thanks. Time is of no issue. Tell the Warren Commision hi for me.

  16. KeepItSimple

    December 8, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Multiple reasons Scooper…This murder plot was at the highest level of our countries government. There were many reasons involved. They shouldnt over-shaddow the gross assassination of him that incorporated hundreds maybe even thousands of individuals.

    Times were different back then. CIA was calling shots and wagin their own war on Castro. Did Kennedy ever upset mob bosses and upper CIA intelligence officials? Probably on a dialy basis. They hated Kennedy and his brother, and we are talking 50 years later about what they did to him, because of their hatred.

    This assassination set the tone for our government and let it be known that if your not on the same page, it doesnt matter who you are. You will die. LBJ knew exactly what was about to happen. If you ever get borred, read the lost tapes from the whitehouse follwing the assassination. You will think LBJ was the devil reincarnate. These are non-fiction books. They were the real deal. It lets you start figuring things out for yourself.

    Look at the Warren commision for starters if you want to know reasons why JFk was killed. Coincidental that people on the investigation board were people the JFK fired for going behind his back in secret attempts on Castro? Thats just a needle in a haystack of facts that magicaly appear about this assassination. Not to detour from the reason Kennedy was killed, but Kennedy was killed for many reasons. Many people in high places wanted him dead and they did. Ever wonder why Tippett was really killed?? Did you know that the way Kennedy was suppose to be shot directly resembled the bullett wounds Officer Tippett recieved? This case is mind boggeling. I suggest everyone do their own research and come to your own conclusion. Its the best we have, and it will let you know that in no way shape or form, Kennedy was shot by one person from the 6th floor book depository. CIA, Mob, black ops, Vice president, FBI, ONI, Secret service. All hands effort that changed the ways of our Countries Government. Obama is president because the (Powers that be) want him there for a good reason. This Country is no joke, and just when you think you got somthing figured out, your wrong.

  17. scooper

    December 8, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    do you know why he was killed no name?

  18. no name

    December 8, 2009 at 8:33 am

    may kennedy’s soul rest in peace and may god forgive all

  19. no name

    December 8, 2009 at 8:28 am

    the rifles were mausers which had been aquired three weeks before for another job but used for this one instead

  20. no name

    December 8, 2009 at 8:22 am

    marcello paid eighty five thousand for that job . handed over three days later to a cut out

  21. Mary Edwardson

    December 5, 2009 at 7:59 am

    “In 1975 a Senate committee headed by Frank Church found that the [Central Intelligence] Agency had planned a number of assassination operations, using everything from poison to machine guns and sometimes mob hit men” –Jim Garrison, On the Trail of the Assassins

    “We now know that the [Central Intelligence] Agency withheld from the Warren Commission the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro. Had the commission known of the plots, it would have followed a different path in its investigation…. Many have told me that the culture of the Agency is one of prevarication and dissimulation and that you cannot trust it or its people. Period. End of story. I am now in that camp.” –Robert Blakey, staff director and chief counsel for the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations, statement from 2003

    “The dalliance between American intelligence and the Mafia had begun in World War II, at a time when anything seemed justifiable if it helped the war effort. In the United States the Office of Naval Intelligence obtained the help of the Mafia’s then ‘don of dons,’ Lucky Luciano, in preventing German sabotage in American dockyards. Through his close associate Meyer Lansky, Luciano mobilized his network of waterfront thugs accordingly and was rewarded by official leniency for his own past crimes.” –Anthony Summers, Not in Your Lifetime

    “If possible, professional criminals will be hired to carry out specific selective ‘jobs’ [assassinations].” –Clandestine Operations Manual for Central America, a training manual written by the CIA

    “It’s called in the intelligence lexicon, ‘plausible deniability.’ If they [CIA hired guns] perform actions that might embarrass the United States government, they can be denied [as being under the control of the government].” –William Leary, Merton Coulter Professor of History and winner of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Studies in Intelligence Award, interviewed in the documentary, Air America: The CIA’s Secret Airline

    “Speaking of the CIA and FBI, Chief Justice Warren said, ‘They and all other agencies do employ undercover men who are of terrible character.’ Former CIA director Allen Dulles agreed, ‘Terribly bad characters,’ he said.” –Anthony Summers, Not in Your Lifetime, (Warren Commission Executive Session Transcripts, 27 January 1964, p. 163.)

    “The agency ‘deals with everything from bottom feeders around the world to their governments on a routine basis.'” –senior U.S. intelligence official, quoted in Time magazine, 3 February 2003

    “Sometimes people sort of glaze over about the notion that the Mafia and U.S. intelligence and the anti-Castro activists were involved together in the assassination of President Kennedy. In fact, there’s no contradiction there. Those three groups were all in bed together at the time and had been for several years in the fight to topple Fidel Castro.” –Anthony Summers, journalist and assassination researcher, interviewed by Bill Curtis for the cable TV program, Investigative Reports, September 1991

    “One of the Mob’s big bases of operations was in Havana before the revolution, and Fidel [Castro] was cutting all that off … severing the ties with the gambling casinos. The Mob worked shoulder to shoulder with the CIA’s Mongoose people [against Castro], to the point that it became almost indistinguishable as to where the CIA activities stopped and Mob activities started.” –John Stockwell, former CIA officer, interviewed by Frank Morrow for the TV program, Alternative Views, 1989

    “The more we looked into it [the JFK assassination], the most productive area of investigation was clearly the CIA — namely, those operatives who had worked with the anti-Castro Cubans.” –Robert Tanenbaum, former Deputy Counsel for the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations, interviewed by David Talbot, Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years

    “The accusations linger. In some minds the suspicions persist of a dark, unsolved conspiracy behind his [JFK’s] murder. You can dismiss them, as many of us do, but knowing now what our secret government planned for Castro, the possibility remains: Once we decide that anything goes, anything can come home to haunt us.” –Bill Moyers, for the 1987 documentary, The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

    “…the real danger the CIA has always presented — unbridled criminal stupidity, cloaked in a blanket of national security.” –Gary Webb, Dark Alliance

    “Now they’re going to find out about Cuba, they’re going to find out about the guns, find out about New Orleans, find out about everything.” –Jack Ruby, Oswald’s assassin, HSCA Report, vol. IX: V, p. 162. (Ruby made this comment to his former employee, Wally Weston who was visting him in jail.)

  22. KeepItSimple

    November 24, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    Good afternoon Guys.
    First and foremost,I just want to say that none of us know, or will ever know the true facts of this assassination. Plaine and simple, so dont act like you do, cause your only lying to yourself.
    What we do know, is that in November, 1963, the most well planned, maliscious, geniusly orchestrated murder occured in Dallas, Tx. How do I know?? Because its 2010 and these mobsters and currupt roque elements of our goverment covered up the murder of our Countries Commander in Chief, and we still cant figure it out. Now thats a well planned conspiracy at every level. Everything is botched and happened for a reason.
    If you do know anything about this case, and take passion in studing it, you most certainly know that the president was not shot from the 6th floor by some groomed CIA intelligence agent named Lee Harvey Oswald. He was murdered by more than one shooter, and everything was staged for a reason. Bay of Pigs. Bobby and organized crime. Castro. Just keep it simple! Stick with what we do know. The president was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. An event that was thought out to confuse us for a 100 yrs, and its doing a damn good job of it. It angers me too. I want to know. Will never happen though. not in this lifetime. At least if your smart enough and know our goverment can murder someone, then you have peace of mind. I know the grand scheme of what happened that day, and for people to say the mob, or anyone else had nothing to do with it, your full of it.

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