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Cameron Directs Bigelow in Bill Paxton’s Music Video…come again?

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Cameron Directs Bigelow in Bill Paxton’s Music Video…come again?

One of the editors at my favorite non-movie blog Jezebel posted this video featuring Oscar nominees galore!

James Cameron’s Avatar and Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker are among the Oscar nominees for Best Picture of 2009. From 1989-1991, Cameron and Bigelow were married. They apparently parted amicably (or would like us to think so), since they have pleasant things to say about one another onstage at awards shows. (In this Charlie Rose show excerpt from yesterday, Cameron admits he wants his team to win Best Picture and Bigelow to win Best Director.)

In 1988, Cameron directed this music video for Bill Paxton’s (short-lived) band Martini Ranch, starring Bigelow and Paxton (“Big Love”). Bigelow was hot on the heels of directing Paxton in Near Dark, which is one of my favorite vampire movies–a dirty, gory, totally off the wall Western with a fantastic AIDS allegory. So: “Reach” features two Oscar-nominated directors and an actor from one of the best shows on TV. Feast your eyes on this weirdness:

In other Avatar news, this meme has been floating around the internet–and it makes a good point (see it at failblog).

Avatar fail?

Video from via Youtube.

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Julia Rhodes graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Communication and Culture. She's always been passionate about movies and media, and is particularly fond of horror and feminist film theory, but has a soft spot for teen romances and black comedies. She also loves animals and vegetarian cooking; who says horror geeks aren't compassionate and gentle? Google+

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