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Best And Worst Movies Of 2011, Part 1

We the critics of the Fourth Wall – Julia Rhodes, Brett Davinger, and myself – devote this week to the discussion of our favorite (and least favorite) films released in 2011 so far. After careful consideration, each of us has selected a “Top 3” and “Bottom 3” for the year’s first half. Read along and see how our love and hate stack up against your own.

The Weekly Listicle: stoners, slackers, and shenanigans, oh my!

Our very own Dan Fields reviewed Your Highness last weekend. Dan and most other critics and audiences came to the conclusion that it was particularly worthless. Which is unfortunate. The trailers looked like probable hilarity! What, you say? Natalie Portman in a bikini! James Franco with shaggy hair and in […]

Movie Review: Your Highness

If only the makers of the film would publish something — perhaps as a DVD extra — describing how and why this film is supposed to be funny, perhaps more of us could be in on the joke. What is this movie like? The best possible comparison could be Robin Hood: Men In Tights, but even Mel Brooks at his limpest is better than this. Your Highness treads closer to Transylmania or Vampires Suck! territory, and believe it or not I think both of those awful movies are funnier.