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Movie still: Eastern Promises

100 Greatest Gangster Films: Eastern Promises, #29

The diary of Tatiana (Tatiana Maslany), a 14-year-old, drug-addicted prostitute who dies while giving birth to a daughter in a London hospital, sets the film in motion. Her account of how and why she came to London—provided by periodic voice-overs as the diary is translated from Russian—offers a back story of the mob’s involvement in white slavery and English brothels.

Movie still: A History of Violence

100 Greatest Gangster Films: A History of Violence, #37

Joey Cusack was the nastiest guy in Philadelphia’s Irish mob. He killed dozens, sometimes without the go-ahead from his bosses. Had a real vicious side. Carved up a made man with barbed wire once, scraping out his eye. And then, he wanted out.

On the Road poster

Movie Review: On The Road

Salles treats the material with a needless seriousness. It brings the bodies of the chapters of the book, but not their souls. It shows sex-and-drug fueled parties without imbuing them with the spirit of those moments and thus they become very repetitive and boring.