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Video Game Review: Stacking

Set against the background of the Industrial Revolution, Stacking puts players in the role of Charlie Blackmore, the littlest member of the Blackmore family, as he goes off to save his siblings from slavery at the hands of The Baron, a dastardly industrialist. It sounds like a rather bleak story, but Double Fine plays it effectively for chuckles and witty, light-hearted humor. A difficult proposition, considering the story involves such bleak concepts as rapacious plutocrats, child labor, and the working man’s burden.

Video Game Review: Disney’s Epic Mickey

In a delightful introduction, Mickey sneaks into the magical hobbyshop of the wizard from Fantasia, Yen Sid, and ends up causing a bit of a ruckus. He flees the scene of his crime, and happily forgets what happened, probably thinking it was all a moldy cheese induced nightmare. Until of course many years later, a monstrous form rips Mickey out of his bed and drags him kicking and screaming into an alternate dimension while the mouse struggles in vain to escape, only barely grabbing a paint brush during the ordeal.