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The 2011-2012 Fall Schedule: NBC

The weakest of the major networks, NBC is the first of the four to release their 2011-2012 schedule. Instead of waiting for Monday, the Comcast-owned Peacock Network sent out the information this Sunday leading bloggers to offer comments and predictions based on series they’ve seen less than a minute of, […]

The Weekly Listicle – Car (and Chase) Movies That Don’t Run On Diesel

This week Fast Five – which, as its title rather subtly implies, is the fifth film in the enormously (and bewilderingly) successful The Fast and the Furious franchise – opens nationwide and car culture gets another sugary sweet adrenaline rush. We here at The Fourth Wall are celebrating car movies and car chases this week to give you, our faithful readers, worthy alternatives in a Vin Diesel world.

The Weekly Listicle: “On This Very Night…” Spooky Tales for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, folks! Aren’t we supposed to be having fun? Rather than dwell further on the shortcomings of modern horror, we salute the spirit of the campfire tale, the ghost story, and the urban legend in this nostalgic look at great horror stories in film and television. Join me – Dan Fields – and my fellow campers Julia Rhodes and William Bibbiani, as we pass the flashlight and torch a few marshmallows.