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Mad Men Recap: “The Phantom” (Season 5, Episode 13)

Don Draper has a rotten tooth that’s causing him immense pain. He refuses to have it extracted. Sounds like a great metaphor for our dapper protagonist, no? Such is the groundwork beneath the season finale. Don wanders through the episode with haunted eyes, asking for ice to cool the evident […]

Mad Men Recap: “The Other Woman” (Season 5, Episode 11)

I’ve known a lot of men and women who quite simply can’t watch Mad Men. Watching the powerful men on the show mistreat their spouses, lovers, and secretaries week after week proves too much for some people. I’ve always taken a wicked pleasure in watching the women of the show […]

Photo credit Jordin Althaus/AMC

Mad Men Recap: “Far Away Places” (Season 5, Episode 6)

In last night’s surreal episode of Mad Men, everybody was taking trips, with or without their loved ones. There’s trouble in paradise with Peggy and Abe, and Peggy’s dancing ever closer to the edge of her patience with being a lady in a man’s world. Roger and Jane take a […]

Mad Men S05E05 - Photo credit Michael Yarish

Mad Men Recap: “Signal 30” (Season 5, Episode 5)

Pete Campbell is a horrible, smug, insecure creature whose very existence makes everyone at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce just a little bit less civil. A good bit of viewers probably rolled their eyes last night when it became clear this was a Pete episode. It’s a credit to Matthew Weiner […]

Mad Men Recap: “Tea Leaves” (Season 5, Episode 3)

This season of Mad Men is all about power – who has it, who doesn’t, who wants it, and what they’ll do to get it. Episode three opens on one character whose omission from the first two episodes was glaringly obvious: Betty Draper Francis. Poor Betty, a former model who in preceding seasons used her sex appeal (and occasional enormous bouffant) to manipulate and coerce, has put on a bit of weight. The little Draper kids struggle to zip their poor mother into an old dress – no doing.

Mad Men Recap: “A Little Kiss” (Season 5 Premiere)

He’s back. Photo credit Michael Yarish/AMC It’s been almost a year and a half since the last episode of AMC’s critically beloved drama Mad Men aired its last episode. Amid whispers of the show’s cancellation and creator Matthew Weiner’s firing, AMC and Weiner conducted backroom talks that eventually (rumor has […]