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Dark Souls Death Screen

Dark Souls VS. Skyrim – Part 1 – Time Crimes

LAST TIME we were here, I said I wanted to keep talking about Skyrim, and so I will. But in lieu of a neat conversation I had, I think how I’m going to talk about it is going to change a bit from my original intentions. There were two big […]

An Early Resolution, and How the Stars Align.

Hey there folks! Its been . . . a while since the Metro City Reform Committee was last called into session. I wish I could say it was due to something exciting. Like time continuum paradoxes I run into due to my future self warning me of upcoming apocalyptic events […]

Gold Filter Comparison

The Golden(Eye) Rule of Enemy Design!

Last time the committee was called to order, we touched upon perhaps one of the biggest most insurmountable and at the same time grandest issues in gaming. We also exceeded our standard session length by about 2,000 words, twenty minutes and past most folks’ tolerance for walls of text. Doing […]

Indy Bridge

“Summer Loving, Had Me A Blast!” – A Quick Look Back

So if you’ve been following the world of video games during the last couple of months of the glorious heated atmosphere period of the North American Continent we call ‘Summer’, you may have noticed a trend. No, not that apparently, no one wants to buy a 3DS. Or that if […]

Mike Haggar Slacks

Dissatisfying Difficulty in the Digital Domain!

This is going to be a quick one folks. Partially because A) I’d like to see if that’s possible, and B) I’m in the middle of Catherine, and boy is it . . . interesting. Catherine‘s version of “interesting” involves a LOT of sheep. So I was originally going to […]

Cover of City Tuesday

City Tuesday and Chris Zukowski – An Interview with an Independent

In our ongoing mission to define the facets that make gaming the unique art form it is and has to potential to become, the Metro City Reform Committee has attempted to contact various people who actually make games. Unfortunately most were intimidated by our impeccable physiques, “accept no substitutes” attitude, […]

Gravestone of Atari

Batman, Auteurism and Supreme Court Decisions! Oh My!

Events are brewing in the world of gaming dear readers. Big events. Sure, I suppose that’s pretty common – something’s always happening somewhere. But one of these events is of a political nature, so it would be remiss of we members of the Reform Committee to let them slip past […]

Sad Haggar

The Defense for Regeneration (and Canada).

LAST TIME an the Metro City Reform Committee – SOME STUFF HAPPENED. Then a Recess was called. THIS TIME on the Metro City Reform Committee – RECESS IS ADJOURNED! Let’s finish this. When last the Committee was called to order I detailed four major problems with the rising trend of […]

The Guggenheim Effect on Gaming

During the grand Marvel comics crossover event of 2006 – Civil War – Wolverine, the clawed Canuckle-head, chased after the super villain who triggered the whole shebang, Nitro. Nitro is a guy whose power is to blow up, not in the “I ated too many pizzas” sense, but rather in […]

Sex, Choice and Video Games . . . on a Quantum level.

I, along with most of the free world, have been playing Portal 2. Perhaps thinking 5th dimensionally has put everyone in the mood for science, as there’s an interesting issue that the Metro City board of certified physics professors has brought to my attention. Normally they stay in their labs […]

The Trap of Indoctrination in Gaming

The committee’s been out of session lately. Unlike some almost government shut downs, this wasn’t due to a bunch of politicians arguing over partisan issues, but rather events far more mundane: I got sick. The most common thing the world really. But then I got hooked on something far more […]

Fistful of Fillibuster: Director’s Chair Envy

So then why is it that so often in games, the developers that make them decide to try and make movies instead? Playing through Fight Night Champion’s story mode, it was very apparent that the team involved wasn’t attempting to make the greatest narrative in a boxing game, but trying to make a boxing movie that just so happened to let you play through a few parts of it.

The Ballot Box Beat Down – A Hard Corps look at DLC

Here at the Metro City Reform Committee we take a look at the issues going on in gaming and hand out screeds of street justice along with lightning-strike legislation if some ne’er-do-wells decide to abuse the good name of gaming. But over the last week, the meaty harvest that is MvC3 has kept our bellies full of fighting. Thanks goodness some alert citizens hopped on the chance to grab the red emergency phone by the handle and give us a call- albeit about a long running issue in gameland.