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Movie Review: Mud

With just three feature films to his name, writer and director Jeff Nichols has already set himself a high standard. Both of his previous works, Shotgun Stories and Take Shelter, are strong dramas with compelling characters, dark intrigue and impressive economy of style. With Mud, Nichols has progressed from making a good film to making a great film.

Killer Joe poster

Movie Review: Killer Joe, A Hitman Worth Hiring

Whether this marks a lasting change in his career trajectory remains to be seen, but it seems as though McConaughey is moving from the romantic lead/charming cad and returning to what initially made the Frailty star so memorable in Dazed and Confused: the scumbag with oily charisma.

Movie Review: Magic Mike

The genesis of Magic Mike came from conversations between Tatum and Soderbergh while filming Haywire. Tatum let slip that for about two years he was a male stripper while he struggled to become an actor. Soderbergh thought it would make for a good movie so he enlisted the help of screenwriter Reid Carolin and the three men began formulating a story around an all-male dance revue.

Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Connelly is a very popular author, but it is easy to dismiss a film adapted from an airport bestseller, sight unseen. In this case, it would be most unfair. The Lincoln Lawyer spins a tangled and entertaining yarn about a maverick lawyer who knows how to get tough when he needs to.