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Movie Review: Red Dawn

Unlike the original film, which begins the invasion with an eerie sequence as paratroopers silently float into the schoolyard, this one makes sure to hit you with sounds blaring. Houses rattle, planes fall out of the sky, guns rat-a-tat-tat, and thousands of paratroopers occupy the sky. It lacks the visceral impact from the first film and doesn’t provide anything of comparable intensity. However, it does prepare you for the rest of the movie — a redundant exercise of gunfire and explosions.

Insecurity Deposits: Catching Up With Hammer’s The Resident

The Resident is nicely paced, moodily presented, eerily scored and based upon a very creepy idea. As a rather by-the-book thriller, it satisfies on many levels. If the characters are nothing new, at least the structure has some less familiar kinks. By revealing Max’s true nature early on (to the audience, and not to Juliet), the movie switches abruptly from a creepy mystery to a dread-heavy thriller. Instead of discovering the danger along with Juliet, viewers are given a little head start, so that they are already yelling, “Get out of there!” just as Juliet is starting to feel at home.

Movie Review: The Losers

Movies with titles like The Losers are a gift to film critics. The monikers may be intended ironically but are invariably fodder for such puns as “The Losers… most certainly are,” for example. Or, perhaps a little less obvious, “For these Losers it’s all about how you play the game… in this case, very, very badly.” So it’s pretty lucky for director Sylvain White this rip-snorting firecracker of an action film is a hoot and a half. Yes, The Losers is brazen, bullet-riddled, sexy and hilarious fun…