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Has The Avengers Ruined X-Men: First Class II- Days of Future Past?

Moreover, if the filmmakers believe that The Avengers worked because it united pre-established characters, they’re missing the point. The Avengers might have been comprised primarily of characters that were in earlier films, but the main characters starred in their own film. Not all X-Men are created equal- a phrase I hated typing as much as you hated reading.

The Weekly Listicle: Keeping It Simple With A ROBO-POCALYPSE!

This week, the big opener of note is the outrageous fantasy action epic Sucker Punch, which promises to blow its target audience away and bewilder the rest of the world. The only undeniable thing we can say now is that Zack Snyder is not planning on going anywhere. He seems […]

The Weekly Listicle: Action Heroines!

For some reason Ridley Scott decided another retelling of Robin Hood was a good idea, and this week marks the opening of the newest version. Scott and lead actor Russell Crowe worked together successfully in Gladiator ten years ago, and it seems they’re hoping to rekindle audience love for that […]

Movie Review: Avatar

The story and script fail to create multifaceted characters, sticking instead to the inherent malevolence of military invasion and corporate America’s insatiable appetite for resources and money. In our current time of war and economic instability, these are significant social issues, but the film handles them ham-handedly, pitting stock characters against one another in an epic moral (and physical) battle between conservation and greed.