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Best And Worst Movies Of 2011, Part 1

We the critics of the Fourth Wall – Julia Rhodes, Brett Davinger, and myself – devote this week to the discussion of our favorite (and least favorite) films released in 2011 so far. After careful consideration, each of us has selected a “Top 3” and “Bottom 3” for the year’s first half. Read along and see how our love and hate stack up against your own.

Movie Review: Hop

Perhaps the best way to take Hop is as an illustration of why Easter movies never eclipsed Christmas or Halloween pictures in variety, style, or enduring popularity. Leaving questions of religious observance aside, there is simply not enough mythology to be woven around a rabbit delivering candy to children once a year. This movie certainly tries, but its many small successes are too isolated and infrequent to hold any kind of story together.