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True Blood Recap: Season 4 Bites Deep (But Doesn’t Suck)

For those who have not been scared off by now, I think we could all use a stiff drink before tuning in next summer for Season 5. Which I know I will. Season 4 had a few too many stops, starts, and jerky turns, but True Blood seized its bloodthirsty mojo back at the finish line.

End of the Line: Entourage Shrugs It Out

[Spoilers Ahead] In the comments for my first piece on Entourage, someone posed the question what’s the difference between this show and Seinfeld. There are several subtle differences. Seinfeld was populated by four amusing main characters and an entire universe of side characters; Entourage had two occasionally interesting main characters […]

Entourage, More Like Blah-ntourage: A Look Back At the HBO Series

This Sunday, HBO’s long-running series Entourage starts its eighth and final season (following a new episode of the still-strong Curb Your Enthusiasm). As with any show, I have to ask, what was the point? The “point” does not have to be to espouse some major, life-changing philosophy- it could be […]

Discussion: The Best TV of the Last Fifteen Years

TV: Is it making us dumber, and how is it changing? (Aside from the fact that the one pictured is totally obsolete.) Confession: I don’t enjoy American sitcoms. I hate the laugh tracks, the halogen lighting, the goofy scene changes, and the heartwarming music that always plays when Betty learns […]