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Promotional poster for Kimble Rendall's Bait 3D

Halloween Home Video #8: Kimble Rendall’s Bait

Welcome back to Halloween Home Video (2012 edition) your October arsenal for all things entertaining and scary. Sink your teeth into the latest horror and thriller pics make the small screen circuit. © 2012 Screen Australia/Anchor Bay For The Pool Party It is high time for a creature feature on […]

Joe Dante's The Hole promotional poster

Halloween Home Video #1: Joe Dante’s The Hole

Halloween Home Video (2012 edition) is your guide to the unsung scare flicks, thrill pics, and various fright nasties of this year. Joe Dante’s The Hole is a simple, palatable option for families looking for spooky but safe Halloween fun.

William’s Weekly DVD Heist: 3-16-10

Confession time: I did not see the Academy Award-nominated The Princess and The Frog. In my defense, the reason was because I refused to the see the film in a theater filled with children, and midnight screenings were scarce. But this critically-acclaimed attempt to revive Disney 2-D animation has nevertheless excited me since it was announced something-something years ago, and Disney’s other 2-D Blu-Ray releases – Sleeping Beauty, Pinnochio and the prologue to Enchanted – are stunning jewels in high-definition. I literally can’t wait until this arrives at my doorstep tomorrow, so I can geek out about a Disney Princess movie in the privacy of my own home… which I have ironically just told the world about.