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Wreck-It Ralph (2012) directed by Rich Moore

Trailer Watch: Wreck-It Ralph

What sounds funnier: a genre-hopping quest across the video game spectrum by a generic galoot drawn in marshmallowy 3-D, or the same undertaken by an two-dimensional Nintendo relic who looks ludicrously out of place in any world but his own?

Think Of The Children! Family Films Rule 2011

It is heartening to see so much well-crafted entertainment geared toward whole families in a single year. That increases the likelihood of a new generation that wants to grow up and make great movies. However, it is also a signal to the makers of strictly grown-up films to wake up and get creative again.

Movie Review: Winnie the Pooh

It would not be the first time Disney has reinvented the Hundred Acre Wood for a new generation, but could they resist the temptation this time around to get snarky and crass? Sure, it would have been high blasphemy of the first order, but what if the wrong hands had gotten hold of this project and chosen to – if I may – “Shrek it up?” If there is one thing that does not belong in Winnie The Pooh, it is a “pooh” joke.

Video Game Review: Disney’s Epic Mickey

In a delightful introduction, Mickey sneaks into the magical hobbyshop of the wizard from Fantasia, Yen Sid, and ends up causing a bit of a ruckus. He flees the scene of his crime, and happily forgets what happened, probably thinking it was all a moldy cheese induced nightmare. Until of course many years later, a monstrous form rips Mickey out of his bed and drags him kicking and screaming into an alternate dimension while the mouse struggles in vain to escape, only barely grabbing a paint brush during the ordeal.

Movie Review: Tangled

Tangled isn’t too cool for school, it’s just really cool, and once the film stops apologizing for being a fairy tale and gets down to the task of just being a fairy tale it reveals itself to be one of the best (non-Pixar) Disney animated films in over a decade. Smart entertainment, sidesplittingly funny and never condescending to the little children making up the target demographic. Tangled is classic Disney.

Movie Review: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

As you probably know – but in case you don’t – the concept of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice is based upon a famous segment of Disney’s 1940 animated musical Fantasia. In it, apprentice Mickey Mouse royally screws up the housework and incurs the wrath of his master, a stern and imposing wizard. You will be pleased to know that the new film reconstructs the classic short, and it’s just about the most enjoyable part of the movie.