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Community Recaps: ‘Alternative History…’ and ‘Cooperative Escapism…’ (Season 4, Episodes 4 and 5)

Even before the season began, the show gained a reputation that would be hard to shake. Would liking Season 4 be based on its own merits or be residual effects from the obsessive fandom of the previous three years? Alternatively, would not liking Season 4 be based on the show’s quality or because of devotion to Harmon and knowledge of the behind-the-scenes conflicts?

Community Recap: ‘Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts’ (Season 3, Episode 11)

After several months and multiple online campaigns (including #sixseasonsandamovie on Twitter and a “Save Community” Facebook page), television’s most consistently intelligent and unpredictable comedy is back with an episode that is exactly the Community fix we needed.