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Movie still: Gangs of New York

100 Greatest Gangster Films: Gangs of New York, #22

Before there was John Gotti, before Carlo Gambino, before Lucky Luciano, there was Bill “the Butcher” Poole. The 19th-century boxer, fixer and, yes, actual butcher, was a forerunner of the mobsters who later controlled New York City.

Movie Review: Lincoln

As expected, Day-Lewis breathes life into Abraham Lincoln. And, as expected, he’s fantastic to watch, even if this isn’t a “call the Academy Award race for Best Actor over!” performance. From his work alone, Day-Lewis gives a humility and humanity to the ex-President that the script by Tony Kushner simply cannot achieve.

The Weekly Listicle: Luck o’ the Irish!

What? St. Patrick’s Day in America has become a day of drunken celebration–green beer, plastic hats, and parades featuring a enormous, creepy, grinning semblances of the ubiquitous leprechaun. We’ve co-opted a Catholic holiday celebrating a saint and molded it into an excuse to drink and get silly. Which, generally, I […]

Movie Review: Nine

Marshall apparently strove for the early 60s New Wave Cinema feel, which relied heavily on shaky camerawork and frenetic editing—except during musical numbers, which are proscribed so heavily as to be cloying. As the filmmakers strove to pay homage to 1960s Italian cinema, they lost the meaning behind the art, leaving a messy result.