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The Weekly Listicle: The Art Of The Heist

This week, I join forces with Brett Davinger to chronicle some of the best heists, rip-offs, and holdups ever put on screen. So just sit quietly and keep your hands away from the phone, where we can see them. This won’t take long.

The Weekly Listicle: stoners, slackers, and shenanigans, oh my!

Our very own Dan Fields reviewed Your Highness last weekend. Dan and most other critics and audiences came to the conclusion that it was particularly worthless. Which is unfortunate. The trailers looked like probable hilarity! What, you say? Natalie Portman in a bikini! James Franco with shaggy hair and in […]

The Weekly Listicle: Winter flicks to make you shiver!

People watch movies for all kinds of reasons. We watch them to laugh, to jump, to be affected, or to learn. We watch the ones we love over and over again to relive fond memories. What films do best is make us feel. Watching a movie can cause elation, depression, […]

The Weekly Listicle: Hilarity FAIL.

Rock, Spade, James, Schneider, and Sandler: A veritable explosion of funny. Or not? For every Superbad, Juno, and The Hangover, there are fifty comedies that boast former “SNL” cast members, well-known talent, and sometimes even good writers. Hilarity seems imminent! Often enough, though, these movies are horribly offensive, disgustingly crude, […]