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Blu-Ray Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Whereas the Joker (Heath Ledger) simply sought to destroy the world in random outbursts, Bane represents a calculated assault on institutionalized, civilized, precariously organized Western society with the help of an army of the disenfranchised.

Violence, the Media, and Trying to Process The Dark Knight Rises Shootings

How do you process a tragedy like the one that unfolded last night in Aurora, Colorado? Well, at this early time, you don’t. We here at The Fourth Wall won’t pretend to come to any major philosophical revelations as regards the shocking tragedy, but we’ll join the rest of the […]

Christopher Nolan: A Cinematic Retrospective Part Two

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures After the success of Batman Begins, his biggest movie to date both in terms of budget and scope, Christopher Nolan didn’t rest for long. In 2006, he released The Prestige, a complex and intricate period piece which he co-wrote with his brother Jonathan, based […]

Christopher Nolan: A Cinematic Retrospective Part One

Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Though he has only directed eight feature-length films, Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly one of the most talented and impressive filmmakers in cinema history. From his brilliant manipulation of perception in Memento (2000) to his mind-bending structural acrobatics in Inception (2010), few directors consistently produced […]

The Weekly Listicle: Oscar Buzz 2011 Unleashed!!!

Well, here we are… 3/4’s of the way through the year and the Academy Award nominees are almost completely up in the air. Sure, the major nominees are usually held off until the last few months, but with ten Best Picture nominations up for grabs you’d think there would have been a greater effort to find cream in the crop. Inception seems like a lock for Best Picture, as does Toy Story 3 and maybe a few acting nominations for Winter’s Bone, but seriously… it’s looking grim.