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Movie Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Unable to fathom who would actually enjoy a movie like that, I wondered how I was going to write a critical analysis of such a terrible piece of Hollywood junk. So, for my review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I have invited a special guest to help me discuss the movie and break down what worked and what did not. Please help me in welcoming my 12-year-old self, Matt.

Movie Review: Magic Mike

The genesis of Magic Mike came from conversations between Tatum and Soderbergh while filming Haywire. Tatum let slip that for about two years he was a male stripper while he struggled to become an actor. Soderbergh thought it would make for a good movie so he enlisted the help of screenwriter Reid Carolin and the three men began formulating a story around an all-male dance revue.

Movie Review: The Vow

Seeing The Vow primarily through Leo’s eyes is probably the film’s biggest problem. Paige just had the last five years of her life wiped out and that is inherently more fascinating than a man who wants to win back his wife. The fear, the confusion, the distrust that Paige experiences on a daily basis is a superior story to one man’s quest to prove his love.