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100 Greatest Gangster Films: Atlantic City, #68

Lou was one tough Atlantic City gangster in his time. Says he knew Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky. Even was Bugsy Siegel’s cellmate for a while.
“I had to kill guys in the day,” he wistfully confides to a young drug-dealing wannabe. “Then I’d feel real bad. I’d swim way out into the ocean to clean up. Ahh, you should have seen the Atlantic in those days.” Problem is, none of it is true.

100 Greatest Gangster Films: The Killers, #71

Ernest Hemingway hated Hollywood. Or, more to the point, the great American author hated Hollywood’s treatment of his literary works. So it’s a bit surprising that Papa’s favorite adaptation of his writing is The Killers, a noir gangster film that takes tremendous liberties with his original short story.