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Movie Review: Take Shelter

Jessica Chastain, also terrific in The Tree of Life, turns in another remarkable performance here. As lost and as frightened as her husband but without the “solace” of the visions, Samantha sees how much he believes and is similarly desperate to preserve her family. Though she doesn’t wholly discount what he is dealing with, she doesn’t treat him with kid gloves either. Chastain shows how someone can hit various breaking points, but without any of them being the proverbial “straw.”

Bracing For Armageddon? by William R. Clark

Asahara amassed hundreds of million dollars and sent agents to far-flung destinations to ferret out information and materials for use in bioweapons. In 1995, he sought to hasten the apocalypse and seize earthly power by spreading an unlikely sacrament, sarin gas, in the Tokyo subway system. This event killed twelve people outright and injured another thousand or more, many of them seriously. The group had carried out a previous gassing, a sort of practice run for the Tokyo event, in the outlying town of Matsumoto. Seven died.