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Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty

Despite Bret Easton Ellis’s claims to the contrary, Bigelow is an interesting filmmaker because of her talent and perspective. Certainly, she’s beaten a path through the Hollywood boys’ club and been the first female to win the Best Director Oscar. These things are notable wholly because of her gender. More important, though, is the fact that she continues to produce work that amazes us with its artful tension, nuance, and complexity. In this sense, you may feel, watching Maya face off against the men in suits, barreling a hundred miles an hour toward a seemingly impossible goal, that you’re getting a glimpse at Bigelow’s own struggles.

Movie still: Underworld, U.S.A.

100 Greatest Gangster Films: Underworld, U.S.A., #42

Underworld, U.S.A.’s original opening—in which prostitutes joke of starting a union and holding a “stand-up strike”—was deleted. Shots of hardcore drug use were edited out, as was a pioneering nude scene. The number of killings was sliced from 18 to five. More than 20 pages of script were blue-penciled.

Book Review: Raised from the Ground: A Novel by José Saramago

While he has an ear for both the humdrum and the eccentric dissembling pronouncements of the landowners, Saramago primarily concerns himself with capturing the diametrically opposite and logical sentiments of the workers. To dub him the John Steinbeck of his people and generation would at once amount to a compliment and faint praise of the singularity of his writing…

On Being A Movie Geek in the Age of the Television Drama

We are in the middle of a very peculiar cultural crossroads. For the first time in the history of the medium, the quality of television programming (in terms of production value, writing and acting) has equaled most of the movies being released in a given year.