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Art Review – Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective, Denver Art Museum

And that little black dress worn by Catherine Deneuve is as much an idea as a dress – the quintessential modernist fashion statement reduced to its absolute essentials. Its tidy collar and cuffs evoke both the modest office dress and the schoolgirl’s (or maid’s) uniform, but they are not white – the cuffs and collar are of delicate ivory satin, advertising not the wearer’s cleanliness, but her distance from labor of any kind.

Sherlock Recap: ‘The Reichenbach Fall’

Now, this is the premise of the episode. What it asks us to accept in order for the story to get going. So it seems unreasonable to carp. But am I the only one who feels that if you can use a mobile phone to break into three of the most secure places in Britain in the first five minutes, then we should probably all pack up and go home?

Movie Review: The Dictator

What differentiates Sacha Baron Cohen from the vast majority of his contemporaries is his willingness to take on taboo subjects. Despite the rise of R-rated comedies over the past decade or so, it’s difficult to say that many of them tackle the issues that most people are uncomfortable talking about. Their sexual content and foul language might be funny, but they lack the edge that only comes when you parody something that our “open” society prefers to leave alone.

Book Review: Naples Declared: A Walk Around The Bay by Benjamin Taylor

Considering how “casual” the work is in its approach, you could, I suppose, call it a mere glimpse into the turmoil and tragedies that overcame Naples. Yet, in some ways, this technique proves far more vibrant than the traditional presentations of historical events which most of us have experienced in the course of our schooling. Not to say Taylor hasn’t studied his subject or done his extensive research.

Overachievers: In Pursuit Of 1000G

In a moment of madness I cared too much about finding everything, about doing everything, and it was to the detriment of my gaming experience. It’s in moments like these that achievement-oriented gamers need to be reminded that their Gamerscore doesn’t mean anything and that they run the risk of turning a fun experience into a chore – and turning one’s hobby into work is a risky business indeed.

A Throne of Games – Volume 2 – A Crash of Kings

When last we left the historie of the consoleflict, two houses arose in the land of gaming. One, house Magnavox, entering into the untamed wilderness with their host of Odysseys, the other, house Atari, had stolen the fire of tennis and ignited the imagination with Pong, the progenitor of gaming […]

House Recap: ‘Holding On’ (Season 8, Episode 21)

Sometimes the worst thing about being a pessimist is how often you’re right. I would have been much happier if the hopeful commenters on last week’s recap who said House’s reaction to Wilson’s scan could mean any number of things were right. But they’re not. Wilson is dying; without chemotherapy, he’s got about five months, and he’s refusing chemotherapy.