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Movie Review: Drive Angry

Taking into account all the casual profanity, copious T&A, comic book violence, awesome cars and impossibly badass gunfights, Drive Angry must surely have been written by the smartest group of fourteen-year-old boys living in America today. This is not meant to sound as snide as it probably does. Assuming that any two of those things just mentioned ever held a prominent place in your adolescent fantasy, you may find yourself thoroughly entertained against your better judgment.

Oscar Wager 2011

We at the Fourth Wall have been throwing Oscar Buzz at you throughout the fall and winter, and now the time has come to lay down our chips. Dan Fields and I are prepared to fight to the death (or at least to the point of wicked online jabs at each other’s competence). Gather round, friends and fellow film freaks, to join us in this high-stakes game of Academy politics, personal preferences, and semi-educated guesses.

Video Game Review: Stacking

Set against the background of the Industrial Revolution, Stacking puts players in the role of Charlie Blackmore, the littlest member of the Blackmore family, as he goes off to save his siblings from slavery at the hands of The Baron, a dastardly industrialist. It sounds like a rather bleak story, but Double Fine plays it effectively for chuckles and witty, light-hearted humor. A difficult proposition, considering the story involves such bleak concepts as rapacious plutocrats, child labor, and the working man’s burden.

The Ballot Box Beat Down – A Hard Corps look at DLC

Here at the Metro City Reform Committee we take a look at the issues going on in gaming and hand out screeds of street justice along with lightning-strike legislation if some ne’er-do-wells decide to abuse the good name of gaming. But over the last week, the meaty harvest that is MvC3 has kept our bellies full of fighting. Thanks goodness some alert citizens hopped on the chance to grab the red emergency phone by the handle and give us a call- albeit about a long running issue in gameland.

Video Game Review: Marvel Versus Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Narrative in games like this is a rather inconsequential thing, and perhaps fighting game plots are one of the prime examples of “porn plots” in videogames. You aren’t here to have a moving or even epic story. You’re here to go toe to toe with your favorite characters against other folks online and with friends at home.

Dance Review: New York City Ballet’s Swan Lake

The dual-role of Odette/Odile in Swan Lake is well-known — probably more now than ever, thanks to the Black Swan phenomenon. Odette is tragic and pure; Odile is darker, seductive, evil with a capital “E.” Sara Mearns, who danced the parts in New York City Ballet’s production of Swan Lake on Sunday, has passed over this truism for a far more interesting interpretation.

Valentine’s Day Fallout, Chapter Two: Love Most Peculiar in My Dog Tulip

It is difficult to describe the feeling that My Dog Tulip leaves in one’s heart once the lights come up. The best answer is that you will probably feel several, which may contradict one another. That, and not really the questionable content, is what makes it a love story for grown-ups.