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Movie Review: The Crazies

February 27, 2010 – 1:03 pm | 2 Comments
Movie Review: <em>The Crazies</em>

Horror film is enduring a period of what some would call “rejuvenation” and others would dub “total lack of imagination.” Good new horror is hard to find and recent remakes have been totally hit-or-miss. This weekend’s The Crazies is based on a 1973 George Romero film of the same name. This version, directed by Breck Eisner, shares basic plot points and characters, but it outdoes the mediocre-to-awful original by far.

Natalie Portman to do a Stoner Comedy

February 26, 2010 – 9:33 am |
Natalie Portman to do a Stoner Comedy

Natalie Portman and her production company Handsome Charlie Films have signed on to make a stoner road trip movie. Not a surprise, given the success of the Harold and Kumar movies, Knocked Up, Cheech and …

R.I.P. Andrew Koenig, Star of Batman: Dead End

February 26, 2010 – 6:36 am | 2 Comments

To some, Andrew Koenig was “Boner” on “Growing Pains.” Walter Koenig and Judy Levitt called him “son.” Some called him “friend.”

But in Batman: Dead End, one of the most popular fan films ever made, we called him The Joker.

Rest in Peace, Andrew. We loved your laugh.

The Weekly Listicle: Julia’s Bruce Willis-ticle!

February 25, 2010 – 3:31 pm | One Comment
The Weekly Listicle: Julia’s <em>Bruce</em> Willis-ticle!

In honor of this week’s release Cop Out, the Listicle is All Things Bruce. When researching for this post, I originally told fellow blogger William that I wasn’t much of a Willis fan, so it’d …

The Weekly Listicle: William’s Bruce Willis-ticle!

February 25, 2010 – 2:59 pm |

With this weekend’s Cop Out, Bruce Willis earns his 76th acting credit (!) on IMDb, making the Hollywood’s favorite everyman superstar prime “Weekly Listicle” material. From his uncredited early quasi-appearances in The Verdict and The First Deadly Sin, to his leading roles in box office smashes like Die Hard and The Sixth Sense, to his participation in just God awful pieces of crap like Striking Distance and The Color of Night, many of us have grown up with Bruce Willis for better or worse.

Today, I present my picks for the better. (Oh, and make sure to add Mercury Rising to the list of the worst. Yeeesh.) The Honorable Mentions include such obvious – and excellent – choices as Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and Twelve Monkeys, but if you haven’t seen those already then there’s just no helping you.

Art Review: Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris at the Philadelphia Museum Of Art

February 25, 2010 – 11:25 am | One Comment
Art Review: <em>Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris</em> at the Philadelphia Museum Of Art

If Salon Cubism pleased nobody in 1912, the recreation of the gallery from the Salon d’Automne in the Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris exhibition is bound to excite the highest praise. The paintings are clustered about the walls, many of them positioned well above the heads of viewers, which presents Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2 from an especially striking position. Sculpture busts, including one by Amadeo Modigliani, are stationed in front of the paintings, revealing how displays of different types of art were often closely integrated during the pre-World War I era.

Tavis Coburn’s Resplendent BAFTA Posters!

February 24, 2010 – 3:22 pm |

The BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards have come and gone, but before they’re relegated to just another IMDb link let’s take a look at some posters that the group commissioned for each of their Best Picture nominees, because they are ridiculously gorgeous.

Tavis Coburn at Dutch Uncle presents these incredible works of art representing Avatar, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Precious: Based on the Yadda-Yadda-Yadda, and Up in the Air. Now if we can just get him to do every other poster for every movie ever made we’ll be in business.

“Ah, nuts!”: A Warner Bros. Blooper Reel from 1936

February 23, 2010 – 3:34 pm | One Comment
“Ah, nuts!”: A Warner Bros. Blooper Reel from 1936

I grew up in the era of videotapes, the advent of which changed the film industry completely and irreversibly. But with VHS we had no idea what we were missing. Video rarely offered special features …

William’s Weekly DVD Heist: 2-23-10 – UPDATED

February 23, 2010 – 12:06 am |

Every week, dozens of DVDs and Blu-Rays are released unto the world, and in this economy it gets harder and harder to decide what to spend your money on. The Weekly DVD Heist is here …

Book Review: The Last Surgeon by Michael Palmer

February 22, 2010 – 4:21 pm |
Book Review: <em>The Last Surgeon</em> by Michael Palmer

Garrity is an archetype, an ill-understood and imperiled hero who after overcoming every obstacle, exits hand-in-hand with the alluring heroine. It is part of the fun for our heroes to be bigger, somehow, than life, and for villains to be so brilliantly inventive and evil as to rival Satan himself. This fictional world of good and bad provides the reader with a comforting temporary escape from the real world with all its pesky shades of gray.

The I Spit on Your Grave Remake: Why?!

February 20, 2010 – 1:47 pm | 2 Comments
The <em>I Spit on Your Grave</em> Remake: Why?!

Slasher movies took a gruesome turn in the 1970s, with flicks like Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left (1972) and Meir Zarchi’s 1978 shocker I Spit on Your Grave (alternately titled Day of the …

Movie Review: Shutter Island

February 20, 2010 – 1:04 pm | 5 Comments
Movie Review: <em>Shutter Island</em>

Martin Scorsese’s newest picture Shutter Island is a creepy cinematic passage into paranoia, guilt, and insanity—a classic thriller with undertones of gothic romance and the failed American dream. The trailers, which anyone who’s taken in a movie in the last year has seen, reveal little but hint at a lot. Fortunately, the movie is a great watch even if the conclusion may leave some audiences grumbling.

Cameron Directs Bigelow in Bill Paxton’s Music Video…come again?

February 19, 2010 – 10:39 am |
Cameron Directs Bigelow in Bill Paxton’s Music Video…come again?

One of the editors at my favorite non-movie blog Jezebel posted this video featuring Oscar nominees galore!
James Cameron’s Avatar and Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker are among the Oscar nominees for Best Picture of 2009. …

The Weekly Listicle: William’s Insane-Asylum-Flick Picks!

February 18, 2010 – 12:46 pm |

Fiction hasn’t been terribly kind to mental institutions. In movies, books, TV, comics and more these “insane asylums” tend to wrongfully imprison the perfectly sane, torture the harmless with their “pseudo-science” or simply fail to …

The Weekly Listicle: Julia’s Insane-Asylum-Flick Picks

February 18, 2010 – 12:21 pm |
The Weekly Listicle: Julia’s Insane-Asylum-Flick Picks

Cinema has always been big on crazy people. Drama and comedy have portrayed the descent into instability and insanity, but I prefer to look at the way horror handles the subject. Film is of course …

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