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Rodchenko & Popova: Defining Constructivism, at the Tate Modern, London

March 31, 2009 – 10:07 pm | 2 Comments
<em>Rodchenko & Popova: Defining Constructivism</em>, at the Tate Modern, London

In 1921, the Constructivists announced the end of painting. To mark its passing they held the exhibition ‘5 x 5 = 25’ and declared that they would now only make art for everyday life; Productivism. The Tate has devoted a room to this last exhibition of painting, the highlight of which has to be Rodchenko’s ‘Pure Red Colour, Pure Yellow Colour, Pure Blue Colour’ (1921).

Celebrating Galileo in Florence

March 22, 2009 – 10:39 pm | 7 Comments
Celebrating Galileo in Florence

2009 is officially “The Year of Astronomy,” commemorating Galilei’s first observation of the Moon through his telescope in November of 1609. Born in Pisa, Galileo Galilei worked in Florence, where the fourth centennial of his discovery is being celebrated with a stunning and sophisticated exhibition which took four years to prepare.

Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell

March 16, 2009 – 12:12 pm | One Comment
<em>Scarpetta</em> by Patricia Cornwell

There are flashes of wit – the description of the morgue as a “deconstruction site”, for example – and a sense of the book probing its own genre at times. A particularly striking passage involves faked emails, supposedly sent by Scarpetta, which purport to “dish the dirt” on autopsies at which the medical examiners mock the corpses, take souvenirs and generally act callously.

The Fires of Vesuvius: Pompeii Lost and Found by Mary Beard

March 3, 2009 – 12:04 pm | 3 Comments
<em>The Fires of Vesuvius: Pompeii Lost and Found</em> by Mary Beard

Nevertheless, in my personal library there are 130 books on Pompeii. Of all these, this is the one I would choose to read first.

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