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Uma Girish is a writer living in India.

Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • An Interview With Novelist Amanda Eyre Ward
    Posted on 03 Apr 2007 in Fiction Reviews, Writers

    “I am most fascinated when a straightforward story seems to hold hidden complexities. Every conversation holds secrets, and every town has its mysteries. Nothing is ever simple.”

  • An Interview With Novelist Indu Sundaresan
    Posted on 03 Apr 2007 in Fiction Reviews, India, Writers

    “In the initial foray into reading for each of the novels, there is always a lot of imbibing of the background and atmosphere, a searching for story, an investigation into details. Then, I will settle into intensive research – read and reread a few select books and manuscripts, cull points of interest, look for aspects that provide movement in my own story.”

  • Bush Tea with Alexander McCall Smith
    Posted on 31 Mar 2007 in Africa, Fiction Reviews, Mystery, Writers

    “I believe that people are very interested in reading about the ordinary things of life. One can make a very simple situation seem interesting — often it is very simple matters that arouse most passions in people.”

  • Straddling Two Cultures
    Posted on 31 Mar 2007 in India, Non-Fiction Reviews, Writers

    Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni It happened in 1976 when Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni was all of 19. Walking down a Chicago street with some relatives she was appalled when a few white teenagers yelled “nigger” and hurled slush at her. The incident, deeply shaming, was never discussed, but it stayed and played in her mind and acted […]

  • An Interview With Joanne Harris
    Posted on 30 Mar 2007 in Food, France, Non-Fiction Reviews, Writers

    “There is a universality to food that makes it easily accessible to the reader, and a long tradition of sensuality related to the subject. As newborns we first experience the world through two senses — taste and smell. That means that our emotional response to a taste or a smell can act upon us at a very powerful, subconscious level.”

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