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Where No Gods Came – Sheila O’Connor

Twelve year old Faina McCoy was living an idyllic life with her father near the beach in San Diego when he broke the news that she needed to live with her mother for awhile in Minneapolis. Something about gambling debts and leaving to work on an oil rig off the Australian coast – just until he can earn enough money to get out of the hole he’s in and come back for her. Faina must make the transition from laid back 60’s Southern California to barren inner city Minneapolis and begin life anew with an ailing, alcoholic, agoraphobic mother and Faina’s drug addled delinquent teenage sister.

The Trade – By Shirley Palmer

Matt Lowell is a character straight out of central casting for the Lifetime Network. He’s a down to earth, single guy living on the beach in Malibu. He restores old warehouses (in touch with his creative side) into beautiful lofts in rundown parts of Los Angeles. But he has one big problem – the big “C.” No no, not that big “C”, the other one – Commitment.