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Matthew Newlin lives in St. Louis, Missouri and has been a film critic for over six years. He has written for numerous online media outlets, including “Playback:STL” and “The Weissman Report.” He holds a Master’s of Education in Higher Education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and is an Assistant Director of Financial Aid. A lifelong student of cinema, his passion for film was inherited from his father who never said “No, you can’t watch that.”

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Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • Movie Review: Looper
    Posted on 28 Sep 2012 in Movies, Movies & TV

    With Looper, Johnson takes on science-fiction, but in his own signature approach that comes at the genre from an obtuse angle. He doesn’t waste time explaining the time travel technology (Who cares? It works.) or the inherent paradoxes that are unavoidable. (At one point, Abe says, “This time travel crap just fries your brain like an egg.” Johnson is telling audiences not to worry about the details, just enjoy the ride.)

  • Movie Review: Dredd 3D
    Posted on 22 Sep 2012 in Movies, Movies & TV

    Please forgive the crassness because there is no more eloquent way to say it: Dredd 3D is just badass. In an era of cinema when every comic book adaptation or Hollywood blockbuster is practically indistinguishable from one another, Dredd sets itself apart from the deluge of mediocrity by gambling on the unique vision of director Pete Travis and screenwriter Alex Garland. Thankfully, that gamble pays off.

  • Movie Review: The Words
    Posted on 08 Sep 2012 in Movies, Movies & TV

    In an age when originality is almost anathema to filmmaking (Hollywood, especially), it is exciting and refreshing when a film dares to take a risk by telling a story not based on a comic book, a 70s television show or a Broadway musical.

  • Movie Review: Side by Side
    Posted on 31 Aug 2012 in Movies, Movies & TV

    In an early voiceover, Reeves explains that Side by Side is about “the science, art and impact of digital cinema,” and that perfectly sums up what transpires in this wonderfully enlightening and entertaining film.

  • The Newsroom Recap: The Greater Fool (Season 1, Episode 10)
    Posted on 27 Aug 2012 in Movies & TV, Television

    Photos courtesy of Melissa Moseley/HBO Last night’s episode of The Newsroom was the season finale, a bittersweet close to a freshman season marked by serious highs and serious lows. We learn from Sloan Sabbith near the end of the episode that “The Greater Fool,” the episode’s title, is an economic theory that explains why some […]

  • The Newsroom Recap: The Blackout Part 2-Mock Debate (Season 1, Episode 9)
    Posted on 19 Aug 2012 in Movies & TV, Television

    Hopefully, the season ends with something more exciting than “Mock Debate” which feels very much like the first quarter of an episode stretched out over 55 minutes.

  • The Newsroom Recap: The Blackout Part 1-Tragey Porn (Season 1, Episode 8)
    Posted on 12 Aug 2012 in Movies & TV, Television

    Photos courtesy of Melissa Moseley/HBO Over the past seven episodes, Aaron Sorkin has thrown a lot against the wall with The Newsroom and not everything has stuck. The Maggie/Jim/Don love triangle is completely unnecessary and fortunately absent from this week’s episode, “The Blackout Part 1: Tragedy Porn.” As the show’s central characters, Will and MacKenzie […]

  • The Newsroom Recap: 5/1 (Season 1, Episode 7)
    Posted on 06 Aug 2012 in Movies & TV, Television

    Photos courtesy of HBO Just when I was getting excited to watch The Newsroom every Sunday night, Aaron Sorkin brings the show to a grinding halt. Last night’s episode, “5/1,” should have been the most engaging and fist pump-inducing installment yet, considering the topic, but instead it was flat, long and anticlimactic. The dialogue was […]

  • The Newsroom Recap: Bullies (Season 1, Episode 6)
    Posted on 29 Jul 2012 in Movies & TV, Television

    Despite whatever his shortcomings as a boss/writer/collaborator may be, Aaron Sorkin can deliver one hell of an hour of television.

  • Christopher Nolan: A Cinematic Retrospective Part Two
    Posted on 19 Jul 2012 in Movies, Movies & TV

    Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures After the success of Batman Begins, his biggest movie to date both in terms of budget and scope, Christopher Nolan didn’t rest for long. In 2006, he released The Prestige, a complex and intricate period piece which he co-wrote with his brother Jonathan, based on the novel by Christopher […]

  • Christopher Nolan: A Cinematic Retrospective Part One
    Posted on 16 Jul 2012 in Movies, Movies & TV

    Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Though he has only directed eight feature-length films, Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly one of the most talented and impressive filmmakers in cinema history. From his brilliant manipulation of perception in Memento (2000) to his mind-bending structural acrobatics in Inception (2010), few directors consistently produced films that beg for discussion […]

  • The Newsroom Recap: I’ll Try to Fix You (Season 1, Episode 4)
    Posted on 16 Jul 2012 in Movies & TV, Television

    The next day, Page Six runs a story about Will groping Nina at the party. Charlie isn’t really worried about the article, but he does find it amusing. However, it starts a downward spiral for Will of which he has no control.

  • The Newsroom Recap: The 112th Congress (Season 1, Episode 3)
    Posted on 09 Jul 2012 in Movies & TV, Television

    Photos courtesy of Melissa Moseley/HBO It would be surprising to hear anyone argue that last night’s episode of The Newsroom wasn’t one of the most exciting hours of television drama in recent memory. From the very start, the episode, titled “The 112th Congress,” threw out the format the first two episodes followed which put the […]

  • Movie Review: Savages
    Posted on 07 Jul 2012 in Movies, Movies & TV

    Most entertaining are Benicio Del Toro and John Travolta. Del Toro plays Lado, Elena’s right hand man and a cold-hearted criminal whose own motivation is self-preservation. Travolta plays Dennis, a corrupt DEA agent who helps Ben and Chon in exchange for a small fee. Travolta is never as good as when he is playing a bad guy and Dennis is pretty awful.

  • The Newsroom Recap: News Night 2.0 (Season 1, Episode 2)
    Posted on 01 Jul 2012 in Movies & TV, Television

    While last week’s episode straddled the line of fairness between liberal versus conservative ideology, tonight’s episode gets much more one-sided in the fight and it is clear where Sorkin’s viewpoint lies.

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