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Morning Recap — Doctor Who: The God Complex [Series 32, Episode 11]

Hurrah! Things are looking up on Doctor Who. The problem of Amy and Rory’s passivity with regard to their baby still exists, but the plot of ‘The God Complex’ was interesting enough to make me set that to one side. The dated hotel, with its all-pervasive muzak, was suitably bizarre and creepy, while the resident monster was nicely alien and ridiculous-looking. So far, so good.

Morning Recap — Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited [Series 32, Episode 10]

Unfortunately for Amy Pond, the Doctor seems to have a regrettable tendency to always turn up late to collect her, accidentally leaving her alone in quarantine for 36 years. On this note, I have to say that the make-up artist did a great job aging Karen Gillan’s face for the role of the older Amy.