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Josh Tolentino is a freelance writer with a passion for games, Japan, and the cultures they spawn. He also writes for and

He can be seen online as “unangbangkay” on the PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, or Steam.

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djoshuatolentino (at) gmail (dot) com

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  • Video Game Review: Killzone 3
    Posted on 06 Apr 2011 in Games, Video Games

    The other thing a war-porn game must deliver is a satisfying experience of fictional warfighting. Thankfully, Killzone 3 delivers on that, and in spades. Space-Soldiers and Space-Nazis alike gun each other down with thrilling intensity. The clatter and bang of assault rifles and the dull thump of grenades and explosions establish an aural impact to match the game’s gorgeous presentation.

  • Video Game Review: Stacking
    Posted on 23 Feb 2011 in Games, Video Games

    Set against the background of the Industrial Revolution, Stacking puts players in the role of Charlie Blackmore, the littlest member of the Blackmore family, as he goes off to save his siblings from slavery at the hands of The Baron, a dastardly industrialist. It sounds like a rather bleak story, but Double Fine plays it effectively for chuckles and witty, light-hearted humor. A difficult proposition, considering the story involves such bleak concepts as rapacious plutocrats, child labor, and the working man’s burden.

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