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Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • Video Game Review: Crysis 3
    Posted on 06 Mar 2013 in Games, Video Games

    Walking into the ruins of New York for the first time is a visceral experience. It’s a beautifully designed and well executed dystopia. Individually rendered grass, leaning skyscrapers, gorged and festooned with jungle.

  • Backlog Video Game Review #3: Far Cry 3
    Posted on 27 Jan 2013 in Games, Video Games

    You can’t make Apocalypse Now with an MTV cast.

  • Tiger Woods Needs to Start Thinking in Portals
    Posted on 06 Jan 2013 in Games, Video Games

    The Portal franchise is a beautiful anomaly of the gaming world – the Coup de Ville hidden at the bottom of a bloodthirsty, often mindless Cracker Jack box. Just how did a non-violent puzzler become one of the most recognizable brands in gaming? And what can stagnant genres learn from it?

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