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Profile of John G. Rodwan, Jr.


John G. Rodwan, Jr. lives in Brooklyn. His writing has appeared in diverse publications including “Spot Literary Magazine,” “The Brooklyn Rail,” “American Writer,” and “Free Inquiry.” He was a Thomas C. Rumble Fellow at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • George & Jacintha: On the Limits of Literary Biography
    Posted on 02 Apr 2008 in Non-Fiction Reviews, Writers

    The claim that George Orwell once tried to rape someone received scant attention in the United States, perhaps because the book bearing the charge did not become readily available. It made news in Great Britain, where the newly amended memoir of his supposed victim appeared and where one of the novelist’s biographers gave credence to the charge. When I saw a passing mention of the accusation in a book review, it disturbed me and prompted me to dig deeply into the matter.

  • Hocus POTUS by Malcolm MacPherson
    Posted on 31 Mar 2008 in Fiction Reviews, Humor, Politics

    Satire, of course, does not depend on subtlety. However, there are more effective ways to wield it than like a hammer bludgeoning readers. Imagining a more plausible premise also would have helped.

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