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John Matthew Fox is a writer and professor living in Los Angeles. He has an MPW (Master of Professional Writing) degree from the University of Southern California and an MA in literary theory from New York University. Aside from schooling, he’s also been educated by the road, traveling through more than 35 countries on six continents in the past decade. His fiction has been published in “Tampa Review,” “Los Angeles Review,” and “Connecticut Review,” and his nonfiction in “Rain Taxi,” “Boldtype,” “The Short Review,” and “The Quarterly Conversation.” He currently is the Managing Editor of the “Southern California Review.”

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  • Girl Factory by Jim Krusoe
    Posted on 28 Apr 2008 in Fiction Reviews, Humor

    And, in true Krusoeian fashion, the oddities are delightful. Jonathan, the adult narrator with a childlike perspective who has a penchant for endangered animals, attempts to free a genetically modified dog named Buck who might or might not be recreating Boris Spassky’s game against Anatoly Karpov during the 1973 Soviet Chess Championship. That’s before Jonathan discovers women cryogenically frozen in yogurt (would that be yogurgenically frozen?) in a basement. It’s the acidophilus in the yogurt that makes things work, apparently—using the type of wink, wink logic that would make slavish devotees to realism queasy.

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