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Jane Friedman is a Chicago-based independent scholar, editor, and exhibition consultant with expertise in Russian and Soviet art. She has had articles published in RUSSIAN LIFE magazine, the ZIMMERLI JOURNAL, and STUDIES IN THE DECORATIVE ARTS, among other places, and has written or contributed to various museum and auction house catalogues and brochures. Her forthcoming article “Socialist Realism and the Avant-Garde: The Artists’ Brigades and the Anti-Formalist Campaign” will appear in the book ALEXANDER TYSHLER (1898-1978) IN THE CONTEXT OF RUSSIAN ARTISTIC CULTURE OF THE SOVIET ERA (Russian State University of the Humanities).

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Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • Italics: Italian Art between Tradition and Revolution 1968–2008 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
    Posted on 04 Jan 2010 in Art, Art & Design, Italy

    In Roberto Cuoghi’s 2006 portrait of Davide Halevim, one of the highlights of the section entitled “Representations of Mortality,” Halevim is covered in leaves, dirt, and twigs; his face is discolored; and rigor mortis appears to have set in. But Halevim was alive (and still is) when Cuoghi made this depiction of the Milan-based collector. To create this work, part of the artist’s series of portraits of art-world figures begun in 2001, Cuoghi made a cast of Halevim’s face, buried it in his garden to let the process of decomposition run its course, and then photographed the results.

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