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Hazel left school on her 15th birthday and she’s been writing about music ever since. She particularly likes awful noises, confessionally uncomfortable pop and clubs that can’t handle her right now. She has written for “Stylus” (RIP), the BBC, “Popjustice,” “The Singles Jukebox,” “Thrash Hits” and many others. She is 25 and lives in an unfashionable area of London.

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  • Album Review: Tegan and Sara’s Heartthrob
    Posted on 21 Feb 2013 in Canada, Gay and Lesbian, Music

    Heartthrob is deeply wounded and most of it is sad. Its emotional palette is reds and pinks, raw and tender, skin scrubbed too fiercely. But for all its sadness, all its discussion of never-going-to-work relationships, it’s an incredibly hopeful album. Not optimistic, per se but determined, teeth-gritted and snarling. Hope’s necessary for that, even if it is in small and ragged quantity. And hope’s never really stronger than when it’s down to its last shreds.

  • Album review: Delilah’s From The Roots Up
    Posted on 03 Oct 2012 in Blog-Music, Music

    Probably the most pleasant piece of difficult listening ever, it slightly reminds me of early Tori Amos records for combining relatively hard topics with pop sensibilities to an eerie effect.

  • Album review: Purity Ring’s Shrines
    Posted on 06 Aug 2012 in Blog-Music, Canada, Music

    James plays on her small-sounding voice a lot, which I found increasingly grating the more I listened to the album. It’s partly a personal intolerance for grown women playing twee but also there’s something frustrating about ambitious, wide instrumentals, whose breathy intimacy didn’t need any greater emphasis, being somewhat reduced by a vocal not always interesting enough to accompany them.

  • Interview: Cory Jreamz
    Posted on 03 Aug 2012 in African American, Blog-Music, Hip Hop, Music

    Recently turned 18, he’s already released a dense, interesting EP of smooth, electronic hip hop where sparkling synths and sax clash with clattering beats and sampling.

  • EP Review: Angel Haze’s Reservation
    Posted on 20 Jul 2012 in Blog-Music, Hip Hop, Music, Native American, Religion

    There are not an enormous number of 20-year-old, Native American, childhood-in-a-cult surviving, queer, female rapper/singers around currently. Given the cult stuff, you’d hope not. Angel Haze is, though and she’s about to be one of the biggest things in the world.

  • Mixtape review: Childish Gambino’s Royalty
    Posted on 13 Jul 2012 in African American, Blog-Music, Hip Hop, Music

    Childish Gambino is the not-really-a-side-project rap persona of multiple-threat megatalent Donald Glover. What he’s most famous for depends on your perspective but before the Gambino project took off he won an Emmy for writing on the third season of 30 Rock, launched a stand up career and starred as Troy Barnes in the very deeply brilliant Community. He’s 28.

  • Album Review: Chris Brown’s Fortune
    Posted on 06 Jul 2012 in Blog-Music, Music

    It fails as a sexy album, a dance album and definitely as any kind of character rehabilitation.

  • EP Review: Sara Bareilles’ Once Upon Another Time
    Posted on 12 Jun 2012 in Blog-Music, Music

    Opening with such an incredibly slow track, melodic but free of refrain and rambling, is a fairly bold move.

  • Album review: Silversun Pickups’ Neck of the Woods
    Posted on 29 May 2012 in Blog-Music, Music

    The Smashing Pumpkins themselves were not the sort of people who listened to Melon Collie on repeat while reading Philip K Dick novels, not taking any drugs and staring at their own socked feet on the end of their bed. Silversun Pickups are.

  • Album review: Deuce’s Nine Lives
    Posted on 03 May 2012 in Blog-Music, Music

    …and we have achieved triple threat; misogyny, racism and homophobia. Quite an achievement for a guy with a vocabulary of about 300 words.

  • Album Review: Dapayk & Padberg’s Sweet Nothings
    Posted on 19 Apr 2012 in Blog-Music, Music

    Bold, elegant and tender, with enough will towards experimentation to reward repeat listenings enormously this is a tremendous album and an early contender for best of 2012.

  • Album Review: Bear In Heaven’s I Love You, It’s Cool
    Posted on 12 Apr 2012 in Blog-Music, Music

    The slowing down was a screen; a record two years in the making speaks of obsession, if not nervousness and releasing it into the world with high expectations facing a band is daunting. What better modesty panel than turning it into a drone? That keening, stretched noise will forever be associated with the album as much as the contents itself, a pre-emptive remix to guard against what anyone else could say about the “actual” release.

  • Album Review: Kalenna’s Chamber of Diaries
    Posted on 09 Apr 2012 in Blog-Music, Music

    The mixtape format allows artists to experiment without needing to conform to anything a label wants, letting edgier and more exciting stuff get pushed to the fore — Kalenna has no need to control her swearing-as-punctuation habit if there’s no official single with obligatory radio edit, for instance and from the aggressive outset of “Go To Work,” that’s very much the core of Chamber of Diaries.

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