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  • Life After Fringe: Two Dance Companies to Watch
    Posted on 05 Sep 2011 in Blog-Dance, Dance

    Pittsburgh’s In The Basement Theater Company offers one of this year’s most erotically charged entries. CHIEN DE MOI contains no nudity and very little spoken language. But the primal pounding and sensuous swirling of Marquis Wood and Sophia Schrank’s bold choreography is hauntingly seductive.

  • The Bobbed-Haired Bandit, New York International Fringe Festival
    Posted on 28 Aug 2011 in Blog-Theater, Theatre

    Book and lyric writer Anna Marquardt and composer Britt Bonney capture the exuberance of the time with a menu of tuneful, cleverly worded songs that incorporate tango, foxtrot and jazz motifs

  • The Tutor, New York International Fringe Festival
    Posted on 22 Aug 2011 in Blog-Theater, Theatre

    In the age of equality, is it bad to be sexy? Fun to be bad? Which costume is more empowering: the corporate suit or the Victoria’s Secret intimates? The troubled protagonist of The Tutor doesn’t quite find the answers, but attracts plenty of fun and trouble as she embarks on her quest.

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