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Profile of David Cross


David Cross is a writer living in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania.

Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • An Interview With Richard Reeves
    Posted on 03 Apr 2007 in History, Non-Fiction Reviews, Politics

    “I found out, greatly to my surprise, that almost all of the conventional wisdom that I had read and heard about Ronald Reagan was not true at all. Beginning with the fact that he was always talked of as being passive. The man ran for president three times. Won on his third try. And in 1976 he committed the most aggressive act that an American politician can make, and that is that he ran against a sitting president of his own party. He ran against Gerald Ford and damn near beat him.”

  • An Interview With Novelist Richard Ford
    Posted on 30 Mar 2007 in Fiction Reviews, Writers

    “Nobody writes good things about New Jersey at all. And I thought, well, maybe that would be the thing to do. Write a novel that is affirming about New Jersey because, certainly it would be unusual. And frankly I liked New Jersey.”

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