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Charlie Coffeen is a pianist and keyboard player from Fort Wayne, IN who has been living and making music in Chicago for 5 years. He plays with and writes music for Sidewalk Chalk, The Ephelon Trio, Animate Objects, FadrBooste, and a wide range of solo artists. Charlie attended Columbia College studying jazz and contemporary music. He is currently working in the studio with Sidewalk Chalk for their full-length album, writing music reviews for the “California Literary Review,” and playing shows regularly throughout Chicago.

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Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • Baloji: Nowhere and Everywhere
    Posted on 21 Jul 2011 in Africa, Belgium, Blog-Music, Music

    “Over there I don’t feel totally Conogolese, and here, I don’t particularly feel Belgian,” says Baloji, a Congolese/Belgian musician who recently released his second album, Kinshasha Succursale. The story of Africa’s Congo is a long and troubled one, outlined in terrifying honesty by Adam Hochschild in King Leopold’s Ghost (yes, that’s suggested reading). In short, […]

  • James Blake in Chicago: Sold-Out and Silent
    Posted on 16 Jun 2011 in Blog-Music, Music

      I was late to the must-attend show in Chicago of 2011…and I’m better for it. James Blake went on stage around 10:00, I arrived close to 10:10, and before opening the heavy doors to the concert hall floor, I heard no indication that there was anyone inside. If I had arrived on time, I […]

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