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  • Revolution Recap: ‘The Song Remains the Same’ (Season 1, Episode 13)
    Posted on 09 Apr 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    When Revolution was first proposed, those were some of the interesting concepts that one could imagine it dealing with. After Revolution premiered, it was obvious it wasn’t going to tackle them well, but they still existed and post-apocalyptic landscapes are kind of cool. What I didn’t expect was that we’d actually have to contend with a “find the nuke” plotline. At least not this soon.

  • Movie Review: The Place Beyond the Pines
    Posted on 05 Apr 2013 in Movies, Movies & TV

    Despite all of these good elements, the movie ends up significantly less than the sum of its easily discernible parts. Linking these pieces is easy in a narrative sense, but it becomes almost too easy and too obvious thematically.

  • The Office Recap: ‘Promos’ (Season 9, Episode 18)
    Posted on 05 Apr 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    Does this mean that the ten years of filming has reaped maybe 18 hours at most of usable footage? Who sponsored this mad project!?! And why would the Dutch care!?!

  • Revolution Recap: ‘Ghosts’ (Season 1, Episode 12)
    Posted on 02 Apr 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    Tonight’s episode of Revolution, entitled “Ghosts,” showcases some of the best and worst elements of the series. Interestingly enough, the “good” portion harkens back to one of the show’s earlier concepts that it never really explored as much as it should have. The “bad” portion, unfortunately, is particularly hurt by the fact that it’s Revolution‘s exponentially-losing-its-novelty formula.

  • Revolution Recap: ‘The Stand’ (Season 1, Episode 11)
    Posted on 26 Mar 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    “The Stand” is simultaneously the type of episode Revolution needed to return with and the type of episode that really highlights its shortcomings. Like many episodes, it puts the vast majority of its marbles into a single sequence- this time being a dual Monroe helicopter attack on a resistance compound. It’s a mostly successful, well-done action scene, particularly for a network television show. However, the repeated use of heavy artillery makes me wonder if the show is going to backtrack from its use of more simplistic weapons. This is a shame, because reliance on muskets and swords was one of the series’ more unique features.

  • Movie Review: The Croods
    Posted on 19 Mar 2013 in Movies, Movies & TV

    An overprotective father, Grug prefers to keep his clan holed up inside a cave until they need food while Eep wants to explore the world outside, to her father’s dismay. After sneaking out one night, she encounters fire-maker/idea man Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and his pet Belt.

  • The Office Recap: ‘The Farm’ (Season 9, Episode 17)
    Posted on 15 Mar 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    Tonight is the episode of The Office that I’ve been waiting for: “The Farm.” This is the pilot for the defunct Dwight spin-off, the news of which led to the Internet being chock-full of references to the classic Simpsons episode, “The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase.” When NBC decided not to pick up the show, the producers opted to re-purpose it into a conventional episode of The Office. And here we are.

  • Community Recaps: ‘Alternative History…’ and ‘Cooperative Escapism…’ (Season 4, Episodes 4 and 5)
    Posted on 08 Mar 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    Even before the season began, the show gained a reputation that would be hard to shake. Would liking Season 4 be based on its own merits or be residual effects from the obsessive fandom of the previous three years? Alternatively, would not liking Season 4 be based on the show’s quality or because of devotion to Harmon and knowledge of the behind-the-scenes conflicts?

  • Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer
    Posted on 01 Mar 2013 in Movies, Movies & TV

    Magic beans are magic beans — not some genetically altered strain developed by an evil alchemist. Good is good and evil is evil. This is the movie’s most positive quality. For so many years, it has felt as if we’ve watched movies play dress up, putting on costumes of somberness, 21st century cynicism, and faux-complexity…

  • A Look Forward: March, 2013 Movies
    Posted on 28 Feb 2013 in Movies, Movies & TV

    I think it’s fair to say that 2013 has been less than impressive when it comes to cinematic offerings. Understandably, the start of every year is slow when it comes to movies, but this year it feels more noticeable. Unfortunately, March 2013 still doesn’t seem to offer much greater promise.

  • Guessing the Winners: Oscars 2013
    Posted on 22 Feb 2013 in Best Movies, Movies, Movies & TV

    Julia Rhodes, Brett Harrison Davinger, and Dan Fields predict the winners of 2013’s Oscars from this year’s lackluster collection of nominations.

  • The Office Recap: ‘Moving On’ (Season 9, Episodes 16)
    Posted on 15 Feb 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    If [Pam] chooses the home of Dunder Mifflin, it will appear like settling and provide a depressing ending to her character. One where she willingly gives up hope for a better, more interesting life in exchange for an eternity of monotony, which she actually complained about in the first episode of this season.

  • The Office Recap: ‘Couples Discount’ (Season 9, Episodes 15)
    Posted on 08 Feb 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    After they elevated Andy to the star, the show and the character suffered tremendously. His unlikeable edges were dulled down to create a milquetoast figure that it was difficult to root for, partly because the show made it so obvious how much they wanted the audience to root for him. But I can’t deny that it is bothersome for the show to have rendered his journey over the past two seasons moot.

  • The Office Recap: ‘Junior Salesman’ and ‘Vandalism’ (Season 9, Episodes 13 + 14)
    Posted on 01 Feb 2013 in Movies & TV, Television

    In both “Junior Salesman” and “Vandalism,” Brian the Consoling Mic Guy takes an onscreen role. And, over the course of the hour, we learn that he’s incredibly creepy. Disturbingly so. It’s like the second he broke the fourth wall, something triggered in his brain. I hesitate to call it the renowned “perv switch,” but that smile at the end of “Junior Salesman…”

  • Has The Avengers Ruined X-Men: First Class II- Days of Future Past?
    Posted on 31 Jan 2013 in Movies, Movies & TV

    Moreover, if the filmmakers believe that The Avengers worked because it united pre-established characters, they’re missing the point. The Avengers might have been comprised primarily of characters that were in earlier films, but the main characters starred in their own film. Not all X-Men are created equal- a phrase I hated typing as much as you hated reading.

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