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Alex Dueben is a writer living in Encino, California.

Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • Mike Carey: Novelist and Comic Writer
    Posted on 16 Oct 2007 in Fiction Reviews, Graphic Novels, Horror

    “People too content with their lot make lousy protagonists. (laughs) There has to be a source of drama, a source of conflict. You can start with a character that’s out of tune with his time or his life or some aspect of his life. And then if it’s a Hollywood movie with a Hollywood happy ending it’s the story of redemption, the story of how you get from that discontent position to your own perfect space. The first Back to the Future movie is kind of archetypal in that respect. You start by showing all the things that are crappy about the kid’s life and then he comes back to this sort of paradise at the end. My characters don’t tend to find paradise, but they do sometimes find themselves.”

  • William Gibson: The Father of Cyberpunk
    Posted on 02 Oct 2007 in Fiction Reviews, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Writers

    “The part of me that walks around and does interviews is incapable of doing very much in the way of writing a novel. My unconscious is what I’m after and my unconscious is not very reliable. It doesn’t pay taxes and it won’t turn up every day to sit in the chair and type for me. I have to turn up and sit in the chair every day and type and occasionally it does turn up.”

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