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As one of the unfortunate few born with three first names, Adam endured years of taunting on the mean streets of Los Angeles in order to become the cynical malcontent he is today. A gamer since the age of four, he has attempted to remain diverse in his awareness of the arts, and remain active in current theater, film, literary and musical trends when not otherwise writing or acting himself. He now offers his knowledge in these areas up to the “California Literary Review,” who still haven’t decided what exactly they want to do with him yet. He prefers to be disagreed with in a traditional “Missile Command” high score contest, and can be challenged this way via his Xbox LIVE Gamertag of AtomGone, and if you want to “follow” him on twitter, look for Adam Robert Thomas

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zekrambogg [at] gmail [dot] com

Articles written for the California Literary Review:

  • Video Game Review: Game of Thrones
    Posted on 17 Jun 2012 in Games, Video Games

    So, does this Game of Thrones manage to live up to the promise of its source material? Or does it end up as horrible as the Hound’s face? The answer is a thunderously hesitant, “It’s pretty good,” but with more caveats than Walder Frey has heirs.

  • Video Game Review: Max Payne 3
    Posted on 30 May 2012 in Games, Video Games

    The Max Payne series has always been about contradiction. On the one hand, each game is archetypical Noir: a cynical anti-hero set against the gritty, grimy underworld who wryly waxes poetic via internal monologue. On the other, the actual gameplay is derived from Hong Kong action cinema: bloody gunfights accentuated with lots diving through the air while firing guns akimbo in Matrix “bullet time,” a technique as flashy as it is impractical.

  • A Throne of Games – Volume 2 – A Crash of Kings
    Posted on 16 May 2012 in Blog-Video Games, Video Games

    When last we left the historie of the consoleflict, two houses arose in the land of gaming. One, house Magnavox, entering into the untamed wilderness with their host of Odysseys, the other, house Atari, had stolen the fire of tennis and ignited the imagination with Pong, the progenitor of gaming nobility. The first battles over […]

  • A Throne of Games – Volume 1 – A Historie of Consoleflict
    Posted on 14 May 2012 in Blog-Video Games, Video Games

    Tell me, O muse, of that time long ago when there were no video games. When the people did not gather in the halls of the arcade where a round of happiness was bought a quarter at a time, but the pool hall where a beer cost the same if it was cheap, or so […]

  • The Finale Solution – Three of Them, Actually.
    Posted on 10 May 2012 in Blog-Video Games, Video Games

    End Errors: Game, Postscript For the last month or so, I’ve been talking about how terrible endings are in video games. Over the course of two articles, one focusing on a decent variety of problems, the other exploring a single issue in depth, I think I managed to at least identify what the five biggest […]

  • Video Game Review: Fez
    Posted on 03 May 2012 in Games, Video Games

    While not completely original (Paper Mario and Echochrome both used similar mechanics) the concept has never been more meaningfully implemented than in Fez. Not only is it a neat way to make this game different from other platformers, but it’s also a metaphor of the theme of the game – changing your perspective on life in order to achieve enlightenment.

  • The Massive Effect a Boss Makes
    Posted on 19 Apr 2012 in Blog-Video Games, Video Games

    End Errors: Game, Part Deux! Whoah! What was that, it’s almost feels like I skipped through time. Like this article isn’t actually it’s own premise, but the continuation of another article, one from the past. Weird. Anyway . . . So far we’ve seen how video game endings can fail in a literary sense (denouement), […]

  • The Dialogue Tree Welcomes a New Climber!
    Posted on 16 Apr 2012 in Blog-Video Games, Video Games

    With that done, I now must ask Laura to introduce herself by revealing something embarrassing. To let the folks reading this know that not only is she smart and talented, but a gamer through and through. It’s also the final part of the ritual, and you don’t want to leave the painted goat hanging for too long.

  • Endings are Void – Dark Souls VS Skyrim – Part 6
    Posted on 04 Apr 2012 in Blog-Video Games, Video Games

    or “Without art in the ending, a game ends up without art.”   For those that are new, welcome! For those that have been following this series, now in it’s sixth (I think?) installment, I know it seems like I may have forgotten about it. I hadn’t (mostly), but like certain Canadians, I just didn’t […]

  • Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3
    Posted on 18 Mar 2012 in Games, Video Games

    A few nights ago, I finished Mass Effect 3. As the credits scrolled I again sat silent in the dark, dumbstruck by what I had beheld. Not out of the bittersweet satisfaction that comes with the conclusion to any story, but in the confusion and anger that occurs when you’ve witnessed a crime you could do nothing to stop.

  • Gaming’s Best and Worst of 2011 – A Delayed Interruption
    Posted on 06 Mar 2012 in Blog-Video Games, Video Games

    or Adam’s Alliterative Awards Attached Arbitrarily At Awesome And Awful Amusements! I know this blog’s been missing for a few weeks, er, pretty much all of February. Which is a shame as I was in the middle of this HUGE SERIES chronicling the CORE ASPECTS of all of gaming using Skyrim and Dark Souls as […]

  • Video Game Review: Gotham City Impostors
    Posted on 26 Feb 2012 in Games, Video Games

    GCI’s extreme customization options are nice, but aside from the “psychological profiles” option rewarding play styles that match disorders found in the DSM-IV, it’s not that unique. No, the big meaty difference here are the slipshod, homebrew gadgets that each of the imposters employ. From springy moon-boots, a pop-out hang glider, and a hand-cranked grapple gun, all of Batman’s traversal gadgets are present in a garage built form.

  • Video Game Review: NeverDead
    Posted on 15 Feb 2012 in Games, Video Games

    The misused and undercooked immortality concept could have been much more than the result, but it’s at least a solid first step in a unique direction. This is exactly the type of game that needs a sequel to hammer out some fundamental problems, add depth, and plant seeds for a unique tale to develop, but the “Eh, it’s alright I guess” overall quality will most likely prevent that from ever happening.

  • Movie Review: Chronicle
    Posted on 04 Feb 2012 in Movies, Movies & TV

    So if you want to try a telekinetic tragedy for today’s times, your only real option, at least for now, is Chronicle. It may be a bit predictable and a bit clichéd, but so is Oedipus, that doesn’t make either any less engaging or heart rending by the end.

  • Video Game Review: AMY
    Posted on 25 Jan 2012 in Games, Video Games

    No, what truly hurts is that AMY squanders more potential than a philosophy student. Especially to me, as the game combines a favorite genre, Survival Horror, with a favorite game, ICO, and adds a dash of novelty by using a character you don’t often get to play as: an average woman ill-prepared for combat using her cunning to get by.

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