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William Bibbiani interviews writer/producer/director Mick Garris!

Today, as you may have noticed, is a day of many, many interviews. In addition to interviewing the lovely and insightful Julia Rhodes, I also had the opportunity to interview Mick Garris, a horror filmmaker best known for the “Masters of Horror” television series, and of course the landmark Stephen King TV mini-series The Stand. We discussed his new show “Post Mortem,” his work with Stephen King, and his early work on such films as The Fly 2 and, most importantly, Critters 2: The Main Course.

Follow the link to read the full interview at Geekscape.

Mick Garris with first Post Mortem Guest Rick Baker
Mick Garris (left) with horror legend Rick Baker (right), his first guest on FEARnet’s Post Mortem.

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