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You Can Never Leave: L.A. Burnout Mixes

Photo courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard

“I’m holed up in a Hollywood hotel suite
Tequila to drink and avocado to eat”

What do you do when you get tired of the place you live in? When you can’t stand the idea of heading down road that gets you to your house one more time? When you’d rather just take a right for once.

Do you move? Do you give up?  Let’s say you’re in Demascus, Maryland. Then I’d say yes. I’d say yes, get out of there. Find another Safeway to forage in. Find another lawn to mow.

But you can’t leave Los Angeles. You’ve learned that from the Eagles. So even if you can’t stand one more unreturned call, one more jammed drive through Hollywood, one more reference to “Hotel California,” you have to stay. You can’t leave. You’ve got to find a way to ride it out, instead. Maybe it’s fear of failure, maybe it’s knowing there aren’t as many places in America as special as this one. So instead of abandoning the place, realize you‘ve just let it get away from you. And all you’ve got to do is woo it back.

Don’t head to that bar again. Drive down the California Incline and drink the view. Don’t wait for that left turn that gets you to your house. Take the bus, get off, and feel the cement under your feet. Realize it’s still hot.

L.A. Burnout – A Compilation (Mix by Aquarium Drunkard)

L.A. Burnout 2: Still Burnt – A Compilation (Mix by Aquarium Drunkard)

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