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Oscars 2011: A Beaten Critic Speaks


March 1st, 2011 at 9:42 am

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Perhaps, in entering battle with a defending champion of the Oscar bet, I should have been more on my guard. But what’s a competition without a little healthy swaggering? I went to some pains to prepare an appropriate banner image for my crushing victory.

DLF wins the Oscar bet

Nonetheless, a quiet voice inside me also urged preparation for defeat. Having been soundly whipped in a fair fight, I am glad that a little part of my soul had already braced itself.

DLF loses the Oscar bet

Congratulations to Julia Rhodes for her excellent Oscar picks, which leveled my own, 15 to 9. Perhaps I was unable to keep my mind on what would win awards, instead of what should. Occasionally they were the same, but not consistently enough to save me. I made a few too many votes from the heart, and in the grim light of day I admire and aspire to Julia’s apparently heartless intellect. Can she also pick horses or roulette numbers, one has to wonder? Either way she has a prosperous career ahead.

I keep this address brief because I must take up my quill again soon. Unfortunately, this means paying my penalty at Julia’s whim, for her amusement and hopefully yours as well.

I wish you all a wonderful year full of excellent movies. Start writing down your favorites now, because I am already planning my revenge. Be well, my loves.

DLF eats the headlines

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