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Badlands and Lost Edens: The Photography of Robert Adams


January 26th, 2011 at 1:10 pm

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  • Chris Roberts

    Devastatingly beautiful photographs. The amusement ride is forever American realism-surrealism and transposed by what seems to in the backdrop or rather what I want it to be: black clouds rising. Holly Hunt’s text marries well with the images and her “Badlands” parallel is on the mark and visceral. A haunting coupling of imagery and words, it takes my breath away. This is visual/written art combined flawlessly.

  • Stephen Byrne

    Holly, It would also be nice to see some appreciation of Terence Malick’s work, especially as The Tree of Life is set for a May release. I think his style is very much influenced by Jean Renoir and others. That said I like your work.

  • magnezzeron

    Hi Holly

    Thank you so much for bringing the photography of Robert Adams to my attention. I simply love the wilds of America and this just sums it up.

    Have you ever seen the work of O. Winston Link in connection with the railroads? It’s utterly sensational.

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